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I spend a ridiculous amount of time staring at a computer for one reason or another, be it work or play. We, as a family, play a lot of video games. Jo and I are addicted to World of Warcraft, and Dani plays a little bit but prefers her DS. With that in mind I make a special effort to make sure we do stuff that involves family face time.

This weekend we went to the grounds of the Alberta Legislature, or, the Leg for short (pronounced ledge). It’s a lovely public space that I really enjoy…so long as it’s not Canada day when it becomes ridiculously overcrowded. I digress.

I took my camera with me and I’d like to share a few of my favorite shots from the afternoon.



Before we left to go to the Leg Jo said to my sister (on World of Warcraft LOL) that we were going to take pictures. When she asked of what he answered “Given Rhonda’s predilections of late, birds and flowers.” Part of me resents having things I typically take pictures of, but the other part kind of likes it. Plus, these flowers are pretty.




This is what happens when you stick your head in one of the fountain’s waterfalls 🙂 Danica had such a good time that she’s asked for us to go back this weekend. We will, and I’ll take my other camera lens. The one I took these pictures with isn’t my favorite. I thought it would be good to force myself to use it, just so I didn’t get into a rut or something, but I really missed my zoom zoomy one.


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5 thoughts on “Family Face Time”

  1. OHHHH you talk about me LOL. I would like to go there to am thinking about taking a photography class at the MFRC when i get out there. perhaps you can try to fit it into your schedule if you want to.
    OH what I was really going to say was I especially like the pic of Dani and Jo hugging. Also every photographer has a certain thing they prefer to take pictures of, you are lucky enough to have two ;p

  2. Thanks BD 🙂 It was lovely. We’re going back on Sunday I think, if you’d care to join us you are more than welcome.

    Amanda that sounds fun…but um…what is the MFRC? Military family…something center? Resource? Maybe?

  3. nice pics! sounds like a fun time there.

    not sure if you’re on or not, but just found out S.G. Browne is hosting an author chat until Oct 2nd, so thought I’d pass it along. (still haven’t read Breathers yet, but I’m hoping to start as soon as I get back into town next week.)

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