Fae’s First Readers

The Magic of AutumnLast week I asked Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman if they would consider writing the introduction to Fae. Because they are awesome (and I am lucky), they agreed so I sent them a copy of the manuscript to read. I should say, I nervously sent them a copy of the manuscript to read…

I love Fae. I learn more with each project I work on and truly feel that I improve with each one* which, obviously, translates to me thinking whatever I’ve finished most recently is the best thing I’ve done so far. But… something about Fae has been different. Magical, even. The quality of this anthology surpasses everything I’ve edited before by a huge margin.

Now, don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I don’t still love Niteblade and Metastasis and everything else I do… but I’ve really grown as an editor while I worked on Fae. That can only benefit everything else I do from here on in, but it’s also fantastic for this project in particular.

BUT that doesn’t mean I wasn’t totally nervous sending the manuscript to Sara and Brittany. They would be the first people aside from World Weaver Press Editor-in-Chief Eileen Wiedbrauk and myself to read the anthology in its entirety.

It was a nerve-wracking few days while I waited to hear what they thought. Would they like the collection as much as I did?

The answer is yes! I got an email from Brittany yesterday which said (quoted with permission):

“It is seriously FANTASTIC, we loved it!! Some of the stories were so SO good that we were yelling up and down the stairs to each other after finishing them, saying things like “OMG!” :).”

So it looks like it’s not just me then 😉

And maybe this is a little bit of a braggy blog, but I can’t help it. I’m so proud and excited about this anthology. You’re gonna love it. You really, really are!

*This is true regardless of what role I’m playing in each project: writer, editor, poet, human being.

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2 thoughts on “Fae’s First Readers”

  1. We were so so honored to read Fae early and write the introduction- it’s such a beautiful, striking, sparkling collection! Some of the stories are still haunting me (in the best possible way!) 🙂

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