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Danica's Eye - Photograph copyright Rhonda ParrishIt was time. This blog needed a facelift, so yesterday instead of tackling anything on my freaking epic to-do list, I changed up the blog’s layout. Because that is how I roll 😉

So now it’s all new and different and I’m trying to stop tweaking things and give it some time so I can get used to it and decide if I like it LoL

There’s an annoying thing that has happened to the most recent dozen or so blog posts I made though. See, first I installed a free version of this layout, and then went through all the blog posts that would show on my front page and set featured images for them. I had to do that, you see, in order to have thumbnails show up on the front page. That wasn’t a big deal except that as soon as I set the featured image the blog post incorporated that image into itself. Still not a big deal, it just meant I had to delete the original occurrence of the picture so that there wouldn’t be duplicates.

But then I decided to upgrade the theme to a paid version.

Once I did that the blog stopped automatically integrating the featured images into the blog posts they are associated with >_<

There is an option I can select which will make them start doing that again, but really, I’d rather they didn’t (as it gives me more control over where the pictures go) but also, I’m too lazy to go back through the last twelve posts to re-add the pictures. So if you happen to look at some of the older posts and you’re going ‘Uh, no pictures?’, well, now you know why.

Other than that and the usual number of little bumps along the road the transition has been pretty smooth.

So what do you think of my new layout? Love it? Hate it? Prefer the old one?

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6 thoughts on “Facelift”

    1. Thank you Debs 🙂 I was lucky in that this layout came with several palettes of colors to chose from, but like you, I loved this one.

    1. LoL that made me laugh. For real.

      Interestingly, I’m irritated by the fact when you first load this page my name (at the top) appears where it’s supposed to, but then as soon as you scroll down any even if you scroll all the way up to the top again, it’s never -quite- in the right place and is always slightly overlapped by the social media icons.

      …not that I’m super picky or anything LOL

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