It’s snowing again today. Not nearly as much as in that picture I took a couple weeks ago, but enough that it’s staying on the ground and ruining my weekend yardwork plans. The weather *sigh* whatcha gonna do, right?

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. I honestly wanted to come up with an X word that wasn’t a cheat, but April has been an energy vampire and my creative gas tank is running on fumes right now. I have a very finite amount of emotional, physical and creative energy (which is likely thanks to depression.) and I took on far more this month than I should have. Let’s take a peek at what I’ve been doing this month:

– The Blogging from A to Z Challenge

– The April Poem a Day Challenge

– The Platform Building Challenge

– The NaNoLJers Anthology

– The Niteblade Fundraiser

But wait, there’s more! This is a busy Niteblade month because I need to have the table of contents for the June issue set and good to go by the end of this month, which means getting all the edits and paperwork and stuff done. I’ve also been managing to stick to my exercise goals despite the fact my weight loss has hit a plateau (how depressing is that? Ugh). Also, there’s all the ‘life’ and ‘wife‘ and ‘mother‘ stuff. And stuff. Yes. Lots of stuff :-p

Overall, I’m pretty stinkin’ proud of myself, but I’m looking forward to the month being over so I can have some recovery time.

Then Amber posted the sign-up form for Writo De Mayo (the annual challenge NaNoLJers hold in May) and I went ‘Oh. Shit.’ I thought about not signing up this year, but I think I should. If I don’t have some solid goals for next month I may well spend my days curled up in bed getting nothing done and turning into a lump. So I signed up, but I didn’t pick super challenging goals. Their job won’t be to stretch myself but just to motivate me to keep going.

Writo De Mayo goals for 2012:

  • Do the 200 Sit Ups Challenge (beginning on Week Two in Column Two) without straining or otherwise injuring my neck in the process
  • Stay on track for W1S1
  • Write the first draft of at least one new short story (not a poem)
  • Write the first draft of a query letter for Shadows and get feedback on it
  • Get back to the HTRYN course I’m using to revise Twixt (and that I’ve neglected all April)
  • If I’m not successful in finishing up all the prompts for the April Poem-A-Day Challenge finish up any I missed.

What are your goals for next month?


This blog post is part of the Blogging from A to Z challenge over the month of April and the letter X. Tomorrow I’ll be blogging about something to do with Y (actually, I expect to go with ‘Why?’ but, ya know, it’s the thought that counts) so pop by then to check it out 🙂

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6 thoughts on “eXhausted”

  1. My goal is to send out at least 15 poems to markets and to work on the Clockwork Dagger revisions that should be forthcoming. Oh, and W1S1, of course.

    1. I don’t think I’ll have 15 usable poems from my April Poem a Day challenge LOL I envy your results 😉

  2. Yup, when you’re tired you’re tired! Sometimes sooo tired that it is hard to get to bed. And being wired up when laying in bed. So many ideas, so much still to do – it is perfectly enervating.
    ‘X’ – x-ray … would we lie to have an x-ray of everything so that we could see everything? Into our hearts and minds of ourselves and others?
    But just wanted to respond to yr blog and wish you well. Sometimes things like weight loss seems to reach a plateau .. but I have a problem with that word weight ‘loss’ – ‘loss’ sounds negative right? Rather change the emphasis and think ‘lightness’ ..

    1. Thanks for stopping by Susan 🙂

      Stupid weight loss plateaus. I’ll use any word you want as long as the scale moves in the right direction lol

  3. I’Z POOPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taking a blog break until May 19th except for the A to Z reflections post and a blogfest that I stupidly signed up for. *sob* I need to revise and write. Plus, I’m on a diet and exercising like a crazy woman! 🙂

    1. Oh man, I can’t even imagine going straight from this blogging challenge into a Blogest. I feel for you, I really do.

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