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I have some pretty exciting news, but I’ve decided to wait and share it first on my newsletter (which comes out on the 15th). Does that make me bratty? I don’t mind if it does, I just thought I’d check 🙂 So if you haven’t signed up yet and you’re intrigued the url is here >> Rhonda’s Newsletter <<. Don’t forget that this month I’m giving away an Amazon gift certificate to one random subscriber.

In other news, that I’m willing to share today, I had a short prose poem published on Outshine today, which is a Twitter zine. Twitter is a very cool thing that I fail at remembering to update or read…but I think having a Twitter-based magazine is a very cool idea. I’m not sure how to link directly to my poem but Outshine’s twitter page is here.

As for the poem. I think under most circumstances I would have written it as a three line poem, but on Outshine you can’t have line breaks and they only publish prose poems. So does having it there and minus line breaks make it a prose poem? I don’ t know, you tell me.

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