Equus Battle Royal — Round Four

Fourteen Equus contributors have agreed to pit the equine in their story against all the other horse-like creatures in the anthology and fight it out until only one is left standing. That victor shall win bragging rights which is the best prize of all. Almost.

How it Works:

Each Tuesday the competitors will be announced and voting will open. Every vote a story receives counts as one point.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the competitors will each roll a twenty-sided die. The resulting number of points will be added to their own score. I will update the scores via a comment on the blog post and social media.

Voting closes on Sunday at midnight MST.

Monday the winner (the story with the highest score) will be announced and move on to the next round.


Story Title: A Mother Unicorn’s Advice to Her Daughter

Author: J. J. Roth

Equine Combatant’s Name: Mother “Badass” Unicorn

Species: Unicorn

Strength: 16

Dexterity: 12

Constitution: 9

Intellect: 16

Charisma: 12

Special Attacks: Self-esteem (psychic) – her certainty of herself makes her enemy doubtful and easier to attack; Mother-flurry (dark) – she talks at her quarry, giving them unsolicited advice until they flee for their lives

Special Defences: Camouflage (usable in forests only), stealth, running away at high speeds

Story Title: To Ride a Steel Horse

Author: Stephanie A. Cain

Equine Combatant’s Name: Aenbharr of Manannán

Species: Each Uisge

Strength: 12

Dexterity: 15

Constitution: 16

Intellect: 14

Charisma: 18

Special Attacks: Sharp teeth for ripping flesh; sticky skin to capture rider; eats cattle and humans.

Special Defences: Can shapeshift between enticing human form and dangerous equine form; is an extraordinarily fine riding horse when it can’t see salt water.

How to Vote:

Comment on this blog post with the title of the story/stories you are voting for.

For example, if this week’s competitors were:

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

and you wanted to vote for Star Trek you would leave a comment that said, “I vote for Star Trek.”

It’s just that easy.

Cast your votes now, and may the best equine win!

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34 thoughts on “Equus Battle Royal — Round Four”

  1. I’m voting for mother “badass” unicorn. This was a tough duo, I went solely on the fact that if she can get the first words in, her ability to make her opponent doubt might end the battle.

  2. Standings before die rolls:

    Unicorn – 4
    Each Uisge – 3


    Unicorn – 5
    Each Uisge – 9

    Current Standings:

    Unicorn – 9
    Each Uisge – 12

  3. Man, this is tough! I have to say that mother-flurry is a formidable weapon. However, I’m going to go with Aenbharr of Manannán as a more offensive unit in general. It’s hard to argue with sneaky predators.

  4. Today’s rolls are in!

    The standings before rolling were
    Unicorn: 11
    Each uisge: 15

    The competitors rolled
    Unicorn – 17
    Each uisge – 15

    Now the standings are
    Unicorn – 28
    Each uisge – 30

    It’s close, folks! Your vote could make all the difference!

  5. The standings before rolling were
    Unicorn: 29
    Each uisge: 32

    The competitors rolled
    Unicorn – 9
    Each uisge – 7

    Now the standings are
    Unicorn – 38
    Each uisge – 39

    This is the tightest race we’ve had so far!

    Voting closes on Sunday.

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