Equus Battle Royal – Round Five

Fourteen Equus contributors have agreed to pit the equine in their story against all the other horse-like creatures in the anthology and fight it out until only one is left standing. That victor shall win bragging rights… and maybe I’ll make a little ‘I won!’ graphic of some sort 😛

How it Works:

Each Tuesday the competitors will be announced and voting will open. Every vote a story receives counts as one point.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the competitors will each roll a twenty-sided die. The resulting number of points will be added to their own score. I will update the scores via a comment on the blog post and social media.

Voting closes on Sunday at midnight MST.

Monday the winner (the story with the highest score) will be announced and move on to the next round.


Story Title: A Complete Mare

Author: Tamsin Showbrook

Equine Combatant’s Name: Verity Marshall

Species: Norse God/Human hybrid

Strength: 16

Dexterity: 8

Constitution: 15

Intellect: 11

Charisma: 8

Special Attacks: High speed ram using the speed from all Verity’s eight legs.

Sleipnir Smackdown: a high jump into the air to land on the target, who then receives a pummeling from all eight of Verity’s hooves.

Special Defences: 360 degree vision.  Enhanced hearing and sense of smell.  Toughened skin which can protect against blades and bullets.

Note about character photo: Verity in her full hybrid state has four identical human heads, as well as four arms and four legs which end in hooves rather than hands and feet.

Story Title: Rue the Day

Author: Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Equine Combatant’s Name: Nova & Reaver (they’re a team)

Species: Unicorn

Strength: 18

Dexterity: 17

Constitution: 16

Intellect: 11

Charisma: 18

(per Pathfinder stats w/ D&D mod)

Special Attacks: Goring Horn (+8), Striking Hooves (+4)

These specially-trained war unicorns are skilled in the “airs above the ground,” or in RPG terms Acrobatics, and thus can Rogue their way across a battlefield to stomp you dead while simultaneously stabbing your buddy. And there’s not a thing you can do about it.

Special Defences: Magic Circle Against Evil, Too Damn Pretty To Die.

Evil Alignment creatures have difficulty closing distance against a unicorn. They also are a natural example of Reynolds’ Law, being Too Damn Pretty To Die.

Note about character photo: War unicorns were considered too fearsome to depict directly, so contemporary artists’ tended to render them in a very stylized fashion.

How to Vote:

Comment on this blog post with the title of the story you are voting for.

For example, if this week’s competitors were:

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

and you wanted to vote for Star Trekyou would leave a comment that said, “I vote for Star Trek.”

It’s just that easy.


Cast your votes now, and may the best equine win!

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31 thoughts on “Equus Battle Royal – Round Five”

  1. I mean, how can you not be in awe of a “Sleipnir Smackdown”? One vote for Verity!

  2. I, too, aim to misbehave. Rue the Day, for me, on account of me being a bit of a browncoat.

  3. Today’s rolls are in! If we look just at the incoming votes the standings look like this:

    Verity – 3
    Nova & Reaver – 2

    Today the rolls were:

    Verity – 9
    Nova & Reaver – 11

    Which makes our standings as of right now

    Verity – 12
    Nova and Reaver – 15

  4. Today’s rolls are in! If we look just at the incoming votes the standings look like this:

    Verity – 12
    Nova & Reaver – 16

    Today the rolls were:

    Verity – 12
    Nova & Reaver – 10

    Which makes our standings as of right now

    Verity – 24
    Nova and Reaver – 26

    • Wrong story, right author but I know what you’re sayin’ 🙂

  5. Today’s rolls are in! If we look just at the incoming votes the standings look like this:

    Verity – 26
    Nova & Reaver – 30

    Today the rolls were:

    Verity – 19
    Nova & Reaver – 10

    Which makes our standings as of right now

    Verity – 45
    Nova and Reaver – 40

  6. Sleipnir Smackdown vs. Too Damn Pretty to Die. This is SO HARD. Gonna have to go with Nova and Reaver.

  7. Ack! So close! I’d ask if I could view for myself, but this is a really hard one.

  8. If we’re allowed to vote for ourselves, I vote “A Complete Mare” (although war unicorns do sound ace!).

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