Earth: Giants, Golems and Gargoyles Release Day :)

It’s release day!

Earth: Giants, Golems and Gargoyles is the second book in my Elemental Anthologies series and today is the day I get to send it out into the world. Yay!

We come from dust, and to dust we return…

Earth is steady. Solid. Reliable. It is the source of life and the thing which sustains it. But it’s not always serene and peaceful. It takes a lot to stir the earth but when it does, things get dramatic. Quakes swallow cities. Oceans rise. Mountains crumble. Earth is not weak, and it knows no pity.

Learn the strength of Earth and its creations in these eighteen stories, including: rusting dragons; mysterious summer jobs; magical inheritances; and dryads engaged in a bitter war.

Featuring: Jane Yolen; Chadwick Ginther; Kevin Cockle; Damascus Mincemeyer; Laura VanArendonk Baugh; Catherine Macleod; Mara Malins; Steve Toase; Suzanne J. Willis; Blake Jessop; Buzz Dixon; David L. Craddock; Rose Strickman; Gregory L. Norris; Tamsin Showbrook; Sarah Van Goethem; Tim Ford; and V.F. LeSann. 

This book is awesome. It has grave golems and rusting dragons, vampires and WWII. Druids and dryads and giant penises — oh my! I honestly struggle every time I’m asked to describe it, and I even had to take a couple runs at my Introduction to get it right because, as one reviewer said:

“It’s a challenging undertaking; ‘earth’ being not only one of the four cardinal elements, but also the planet on which we live, the soil which grows and nourishes all life, and the raw material of human construction (bricks, pottery, mined minerals, etc.) It’s pretty difficult to encapsulate al that in a few short stories…” — Melanie S., Goodreads Reviewer (full review here)

But even though I have a tough time boiling this collection down to one sentence (or maybe even because of it?), I can say unequivocally that it is an awesome collection. You know how sometimes the first book in a series is amazing and then you feel like the second one is phoned in a bit? This anthology is not phoned in. Not even a bit of it. In fact, I would say that Earth is even stronger than Fire — and not just in an elemental sense — and they’ll look amazing sitting side-by-side on your shelf.

I’m not going to slip into full-on commercial mode here, but I hope you’ll give Earth a shot.

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