Early Christmas Present?

I was checking the stats for this domain the other day and I noticed that a lot of the search engine hits I get are people looking for Christmas Scripts. I show up in the results because of the entries I made last year regarding my short kids play, Aurora The Littlest Reindeer.

With that in mind I’ve decided to put “Aurora” up for any teachers or non-profit groups who may be looking for a secular Christmas play. Please remember to give me credit where it’s due and enjoy.

Aurora The Littlest Reindeer
The play is a short piece about the littlest reindeer at the North Pole. Most days she doesn’t mind being the littlest so much, but on Christmas Eve, when everyone is busy with an important job but her, being little makes her very sad. By the end of the play, however, after her differences save Christmas, she realizes that maybe being different isn’t so bad after all.

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