Cover Reveal: Fire: Demons, Dragons and Djinns

I love this book. I love this cover. And I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with you!

Fire: Demons, Dragons and Djinns is the first installment in my elemental anthologies series from Tyche Books. The cover art, by Ashley Walters, is fabulous, and the perfect way to introduce readers to the awesome stories within 🙂

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The ability for people to control (to some extent at least) fire has long been held as one of the major events that contributed to human evolution, but when fire eludes or escapes our control it is also one of the most destructive forces on earth. Associated with passion, power, transformation and purification, fire is a ferocious element with an unquenchable appetite.

Discover the power of Fire and the creatures that thrive on it in these twenty-one stories, including: the true inspiration behind Jim Morrison’s songs; a special weapon used in World War II; the secret in the depths of a mortuary furnace; a fantastical card game; and a necromancer out on what may be his last job.

Featuring: Blake Jessop; Kevin Cockle; Lizbeth Ashton; Dusty Thorne; V.F. LeSann; K.T. Ivanrest; Hal J. Friesen; Laura VanArendonk Baugh; Krista D. Ball; Mara Malins; Claude Lalumière; Susan MacGregor; JB Riley; Damascus Mincemeyer; Heather M. O’Connor; Gabrielle Harbowy; R. W. Hodgson; Chadwick Ginther; Wendy Nikel; Annie Neugebauer; and J.G. Formato.

If you reserve your copy now it will be sent to you on August 14th when the book is officially released. Also, remember these?

These are six-sided dice that have a kick-ass dragon instead of a six. I will be giving one of these away to anyone who pre-orders their copy of Fire: Demons, Dragons and Djinn. In order to claim your dice email me proof of your order to along with your snail mail address. That proof can be a screenshot of your order confirmation, a receipt, whatever works for you and shows that you’ve reserved your copy.

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Electronic: Amazon Kobo | B&N

Paperback: B&N | Amazon (coming soon)

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