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Sandcastle #5 Accepted

I know haiku aren’t supposed to have titles, but mine do — they need to or I’d have no chance of keeping track of them 🙂 Why am I telling you this? I guess I’m thinking about haiku a lot lately — I’ve written many in recent months and started submitting them to markets. It all started with Sandcastle #5. Wild Child Publishing accepted and published it, the first haiku I wrote since leaving high school. Happily, that isn’t the end of Sandcastle #5’s story — I just heard back from Static Movement and they’ve accepted it for their July issue.


Hopefully I’ll have good news about some of my other haiku in the near future 🙂

Poetry Accepted @ La Fenetre

I’ve had two poems accepted at La Fenetre 🙂  The first is a rictameter called “Lazy” that I wrote one morning chastising myself (bet you can guess what for LoL).

The second poem, “Ms. Chong’s Room” is a poem for kids (complete with rhymes) about a teacher named Ms. Chong.  My daughter’s grade two teacher was named Ms. Chong, I helped out two mornings a week in her classroom all last year, and this year, though my daughter is in grade three I still help out in Ms. Chong’s room two mornings a week.  Is the title of a poem a coincidence?  I think not 😉

Bondage Whore

My BDSM sonnet, Bondage Whore, has been published at Oysters & Chocolate 🙂  I’m really quite impressed with Oysters & Chocolate and hope to see more of my work there in the future…of course, that means I need to submit more LOL In the meantime, please check out the poem IF you are over 18 and IF you’re not easily offended.

A Nice Surprise

When I popped over to SHINE today to check out my poem, Sandcastle #5 that was due to be published there yesterday I got an interesting surprise.  Not only was my poem published, but my WMD drabble was as well.  I knew I’d submitted it but according to my records I was still waiting for a response.  As far as surprises go, that’s a good one 🙂

So yeah, check out my haiku, Sandcastle #5 and my WMD drabble at SHINE 🙂

Accepted at SHINE

My poem, Sandcastle #5, has been accepted for publication in the Summer issue of SHINE.  This is the second time this haiku will have been published, which, as you can imagine, makes me very happy 🙂

I’ll link directly to the poem when it goes live in June 🙂

Accepted at Static Movement

My poem, Vampiric Fluff, has been accepted at Static Movement 🙂  I’m not sure when it will be published because they have an automated system for submissions, so I’ve not actually spoken to anyone directly yet.  Yay!  There is something really awesome about having a story or poem reprinted — it’s very satisfying to know that someone likes it well enough they don’t mind that they aren’t the first person to publish it 🙂

Vampiric Fluff

My poem, Vampiric Fluff, is online at Adventures for the Average Woman.  You should read it — really.  It’s pretty lighthearted and funny.  I wrote it on a lark, but when I re-read it months later I went, ‘Hey, people could read this and interpret it to mean blah blah blah’.   What’s on the surface was my intent, but hey, if you can find more meaning to it than that more power to you 🙂

When Laurie Notch emailed me this morning to let me know the online version of the magazine was live and the hardcopies in the mail, she said, “ was down in DC and Philly plugging for the magazine and already I got some wonderful commentary on your work.”

Double yay!

This is a great way to start a day 🙂

And the Machete Falls

I just heard back from Mr. Boven at Twenty3 Magazine regarding which poems of mine he’s accepted.  One of my poems about the genocide in Rwanda, ‘And the Machete Falls’ was accepted and another, far lighter, rictameter entitled ‘Coffee’ is also potentially going to be printed as well, to “bring in a lighter side to your page as well”.  To my page — how sexy is that?  I’m so excited!

My Rwandan inspired poetry is some of my best work in my opinion and is definitely the poetry I am the proudest of, and the happiest to see find an audience.

And I get a page!

Dude — instant win 😉