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Award Eligibility

Time is crazy. I thought I had lots of time to get around to making an award eligibility blog post… and then World Weaver Press tweeted yesterday to remind people about all the things they’d published that were eligible and … Continue reading

When Words Collide 2017 Recap

Fire Wishlist

Holiday Themed Anthologies

In addition to being an editor and anthologist I occasionally take the form of a writer which means I totally understand that if you write a short story specifically for an anthology you are taking a risk. Depending upon the theme … Continue reading

Facebook Launch Parties

I’m not going to bore you with the long story because this is a long blog post all by itself even without the detailed explanation. The short version is I’m writing a couple ‘How to’ type things for writers. One … Continue reading

Dear Santa,

For the past several years I’ve written a letter to Santa Claus on my blog that includes a wishlist of gifts. This is not an actual wishlist that I want my friends or readers to buy me things from it’s … Continue reading

About Toilet Paper…

Well, I “won” NaNoWriMo again. I think this makes my ninth victory in twelve attempts (I can’t double-check that because the NaNo site is not loading properly right now LOL) For this NaNoWriMo I was a rebel — I wasn’t … Continue reading

How Equus Came To Be

The latest, and final, installment in my Magical Menageries series is opening to submissions very, very soon so I wanted to take a quick moment to share with you the story of how it came to be. Some time ago–time … Continue reading

Books About Writing

Jo was putting in an Amazon order the other day and asked if I needed anything. Which, I mean… I think we all know the answer to that right? But I thought about the huge pile of books sitting up … Continue reading

New Twitter Chat! #DarkLitChat — Join us on June, 21st at 8pm EST!

Because writing is a team sport (and I like them, when D.H. Poirier and Elesha Teskey asked for people to help spread the word about their new Twitter chat I raised my hand. Here is the result 🙂 What is … Continue reading

Encounter Cards

I’ve been spending a lot of time editing these days, and the writing I’m getting done is largely of the non-fiction variety, so when Justin Sirois approached me and asked if I would consider writing some encounters for his Dungeon Dealer … Continue reading