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Candas as Role Model

More about Candas Jane Dorsey and Prairie Starport

We recently celebrated the release of Prairie Starport: Stories in Celebration of Candas Jane Dorsey but some of the contributors wanted to do something a bit more. And so for the next few Fridays my blog is going to feature … Continue reading

Giftmas 2017: Stories in the Wintertime

Giftmas 2017: Shining Lights II

Giftmas 2017: Lighting Up the Lives of Others…

5 Picture Books touching on Biracial Asian Identity You Should Read to your Children

My blog is going to be pretty Equus-centric for the next few weeks, but for today we’re going to press pause on that so I can share this guest post from K. Bird Lincoln. I met her when she submitted … Continue reading

Inside a Writer’s Mind — On Editing

Inside a Writer’s Mind – On Editing Guest Post by Tabitha Lord I actually like editing. The bones of my book are already there, and at that point, I know I have a good story. I’ve worked out the major … Continue reading

Writers Learn Everything

Writers Learn Everything by Laura VanArendonk Baugh I write fantasy, so I have to do more research than those who write real life. “Wait,” some protest, “there’s a lot of research required for historical, or military thrillers, or other real … Continue reading

The Other Side of the Partition

The Other Side of the Partition by Lynn Hardaker When I was growing up in Toronto in the 1970s and ‘80s, one of my favourite haunts was the Royal Ontario Museum. My favourite exhibit was the dinosaurs. I’d walk through … Continue reading

We’ve Got Loki All Wrong

We’re going to take a short break from dinosaurs today to help celebrate a different book. The Songweaver’s Vow is by Laura VanArendonk Baugh. You should recognise her name by now (and not just because it stands out LoL) because … Continue reading

Laura VanArendonk Baugh Reading

We’re going to be launching D is for Dinosaur here in Edmonton this March: (Details here) But because the D is for Dinosaur contributors are spread so far out across the globe (and there are twenty-six of them!) we couldn’t … Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Love Dinosaurs?

Who Doesn’t Love Dinosaurs? by Suzanne Willis   Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?  I was so excited to find out that “D is for Dinosaur” – for me, those creatures of distant history have the power to endlessly fire the imagination … Continue reading