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Why didn’t I think of that?

Recently while at brunch with some good friends, one of them looked at me and said “Rhonda, why don’t you just write a bestseller and buy a villa in Tuscany already?”

Write a bestseller.

Just like that, easy peasy.

Now why didn’t I think of that?


In other news, it’s not a bestselling novel but I’m the six word memoirist of the day at Smith Mag today. That means my picture and one of my six word stories is featured on their front page at

Going insane, and a bit of flash

I’ve got a couple fulls out to agents right now, for both Swamp Story and Shadows, and I’m kinda going insane I think. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high because if things don’t work out it will be quite devastating, but at the same time, it’s very hard not to. Please keep your fingers, metaphorically crossed for me. I am not going to go into any more details just yet, I don’t want to jinx myself LOL

I do have some news I can go into details about though. My funny little flash piece, Swapped, is included in the current issue of Mississippi Crow Magazine. Rumor has it you can get a copy of the .pdf for free, if you check it out I’d love to hear what you think πŸ™‚

And please, send good thoughts my way re: agents and staying sane.

Published @ The Shine Journal

I admit it. I like Pamela Tyree Griffin which makes me biased, but I also like The Shine Journal. My work has appeared in it numerous times and I was honored to be one of the judges for their ‘Show Us Your Shorts’ contest earlier this year.

I’ve got two pieces in this month’s issue. If you were to judge them based solely on their titles it might seem as though they were similar, when in fact, they aren’t. Not even close.

The first, Sheltered, is a reprint of an amusing little flash which was originally published by the Mennonite Publishing Network last year.


It really was. πŸ™‚

The other is a sad poem I wrote entitled “A House Not a Home“. My great-grandmother was a poet and she wrote a poem after her beloved husband died which compared herself to an empty house; lonely and alone. Not so long ago my own husband was out of town on business and I saw a writing prompt that included a picture of a decrepit house. My loneliness, my great-grandmother’s poem and that picture all combined to inspire this short poem.

I hope you have time to check them out and let me know what you think πŸ™‚

I’ll Squish Your Head!

Rhonda - Headshot

My head got squished. No really, it did. I don’t know what it is about this headshot picture I’ve been using, but more often than not when it gets used on e-zines, it ends up quite squished. Today is no exception. Perhaps it’s a sign that I ought to take a new picture…but then I’d have to try and remember where my make up is, and that doesn’t seem likely to happen.

Anyway. Yes, as you may have gathered from that convoluted paragraph, I’ve got another piece published in an e-zine. Two of them, actually. Firstly, my flash fiction story, Denouement has been reprinted by Laurie Notch of IdeaGems. That’s where you get to see my squished head πŸ™‚ I’ve also got a rictameter in this issue of IdeaGems, Writing is about, you guessed it, writing. I’m pretty sure this is the first time its seen print.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Athabasca Falls Published

Athabasca Falls. You need to experience it to understand it. You need to feel the spray on your face, hear the thunder of the water and see the insane rapids.Β  I’ve had more than a view nightmares about it ever since I first visited it, most of them involving my daughter. That was the dread that eventually evolved into my flash fiction piece, Athabasca Falls, which is now online at Apollo’s Lyre.


One day I was sitting at my computer trying to think of a good word to use as the Word of the Week at NaNoLJers. My husband, Jo, suggested I use the word ‘denouement’. He was totally being a smart ass, which I took as a dare.Β  So, I did use the word denouement as that week’s word and I even wrote a story inspiredΒ  by that word.

That story, Denouement, appears in this month’s issue of Cautionary Tale. I hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I’m lucky enough to be starting my new year with a bit of flash and a poem at Shine — yay! Coffee, my rictameter about, you guessed it, coffee and Not So Smart are both online now in the January 2008 issue of The Shine Journal.

This time of year people all around me are making New Year’s Resolutions…which is something I don’t do. However, I do often set goals for myself and then work toward them, so I thought I’d share my current list of writing-related goals. In a few months I’ll look back and see how I’m doing LOL

My goals for the next little while include:
1. Finishing the rough draft of my untitled Circus Story
2. Revising Blood and Stone and sending it out into the world
3. Attend World Fantasy
4. Begin writing the sequel to Blood and Stone tentatively titled Secrets and Shadows
5. Increase traffic to and readership of Niteblade

Wish me luck πŸ™‚

Accepted @ Shine

I’ve been lucky enough to have two pieces accepted for the January issue of Shine πŸ™‚ My flash piece, “Not So Smart” will be published as will a short and, sadly, true poem called “Coffee”. I will, of course, post a link when they go live, but in the meantime I just wanted to brag a little πŸ™‚

In an unrelated note (I swear it’s unrelated) Shine is having a flash fiction contest. I can’t enter because since I am such a regular submitter Pamela has asked me to be a judge. I’m incredibly flattered and I can’t wait to read all the entries — but if you write flash fiction you should enter. There’s no entry fee and there are some pretty good prizes, so head on over and check it out.

In NaNoWriMo news my word count is just over 43,000 words and my daughter, who is ten and set herself a word goal of 10,000 is at just over 4,000 πŸ™‚ Yay!

I tried to enable commenting on this post but in less than two hours I’d already been swamped with spam. Sorry πŸ™

Wrong Turn Published

My flash piece, Wrong Turn, is now live at Sorcerous Signals. I still like the story, shame about the second sentence though LOL Why is it I never notice these things until after they are published? Eh, my bad. Now you’re going to go read it just to see what’s wrong with the second sentence aren’t you? I’d like to tsk tsk you but I’d do to the same, so I can’t πŸ™‚ While you’re there read all the stories up for offer and be sure and vote for your favorite πŸ™‚

In other news I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year — though instead of aiming for 50,000 words I’m aiming for a completed novel-in-stories. My Haven novel-in-stories, as a matter of fact. Currently I’m at just over 2,000 words, which isn’t a bad start. I’m hoping to get about 5k today though, so keep your fingers crossed for me πŸ™‚

If anyone is interested my NaNo Profile is here and I’m always happy to have more buddies πŸ™‚