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Metastasis Contributor Interview: Rie Sheridan Rose

Metastasis Cover - artwork by Jonathan Parrish, Cover design by Carol HightshoeSome of the contributors to Metastasis have volunteered to participate in super short interviews that I am going to share here on my blog over the coming few days. The first of those participants is Rie Sheridan Rose. Rie was a very determined contributor, she submitted several poems to me before eventually sending the one which won me over, A Murder of Crows. I was biased to love this poem just because it had crows in it, but as you’ll see if you pick up a copy of Metastasis, her crows are not exactly the kind anyone would ever want to meet.

Who or what was the inspiration for your story in Metastasis?

My desire to be a part of Metastasis, and my poem, stemmed from a need to come to terms with losing a dear friend that I didn’t even know was sick until too late to say goodbye. Her name was Susan M. Garrett, and I dedicated my poem to her.

How has cancer touched your life?

I have lost several family members to cancer or related complications. It is a specter that looms over us everyday.

When it comes to cancer, what gives you hope?

There have been many promising advances in the last few years, and research is continuous. I hope to see an end to at least some forms of cancer in my lifetime. As long as there are dedicated researchers giving their all to the problem, it is definitely a hope with potential.

Rie Sheridan Rose

Rie Sheridan Rose has been writing professionally for over ten years. In that decade, she has published 5 poetry collections. Her poetry has appeared in the print magazines Mythic Circle, Dreams of Decadence, and Abandoned Towers as well as the Di-Verse-City and Boundless anthologies. She has also had pieces accepted by Penumbra, Wolf Willow Magazine, The Voices Project, and Fragrance Online Magazine. In conjunction with Marc Gunn, she wrote lyrics for the β€œDon’t Go Drinking With Hobbits” CD. Visit for more news and info.


Metastasis is available at:
Paperback – $14.95
Kindle – $6.95

ePub – $6.95

Smashwords — Use coupon code LM63L in order to receive 25% off your order
ePub – $6.95
Kindle – $6.95
PDF – $6.95

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Paperback – $14.95

All coupons codes expire on October 31, 2013.

Metastasis: It’s Here!

Metastasis Cover - artwork by Jonathan Parrish, Cover design by Carol Hightshoe

Today is the day Metastasis officially goes on sale. I could spend this blog post telling you all the reasons you ought to buy a copy, but I’ve spent months doing that already so instead I’m just going to pass on information about where you can find it and how you can receive a 25% discount πŸ™‚

So many options! If you are ordering an electronic copy prior to October 31, 2013 I suggest using Smashwords or Createspace as I’ve got 25% coupons for both places to share. If you are purchasing a physical copy I can still offer a Createspace coupon but if you live outside the US double check your shipping costs before ordering, sometimes even with a coupon it’s significantly less expensive to order from Amazon.
Paperback – $14.95
Kindle – $6.95

ePub – $6.95

Smashwords — Use coupon code LM63L in order to receive 25% off your order
ePub – $6.95
Kindle – $6.95
PDF – $6.95

Createspace — Use coupon code TGERED9J in order to receive 25% off your order
Paperback – $14.95

All coupons codes expire on October 31, 2013.

Over the coming days I will be sharing short interviews with some of the contributors to Metastasis, I hope you’ll pop back to get a peek into the lives and minds of some of the incredibly talented people behind this anthology.

Please help us spread the word about the release of Metastasis by telling your friends and family, and thank you so very much for your support. It has been amazing.

Back Cover

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Right. So, today when I got home from Thanksgiving dinner there was an email in my inbox asking for a high resolution photo of myself for use in some of the promo stuff for Tesseracts 17. Ever since I became overweight I’ve tried to mostly stay on the other side of the camera (I know it’s not a good thing, I know, but I do it anyway) so I don’t have any high resolution photographs of myself, so I asked Jo to snap a couple

The one up there? That was my favourite. I chose a slightly more professional one to send to the people at EDGE though πŸ™‚

Speaking of Tesseracts 17, it has a trailer. I think this is the first book I’ve been in that had a trailer. You can check it out here:

Also in the category of ‘schtuff’ don’t forget that I’m still giving away copies of Niteblade and running a raffle for a super awesome grab bag of goodies. You can get links to the Niteblade issues by following that link, but because I’m so super awesome I’m going to re-post the rafflecopter stuff here so you don’t have to go anywhere to enter that draw πŸ™‚

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lastly, don’t forget that Metastasis is coming out on Tuesday. I’m super proud of this book and I can’t wait to share it with the world. What’s more, I’ll be hosting mini interviews with some of the contributors in the days following the release so you’ll want to pop by to check them out too.

Finally? Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians! And if you’re not Canadian, well, I hope you have a fabulous weekend anyway πŸ˜‰

Metastasis Press Release


WolfSinger Publications is pleased to announce the upcoming release of

METASTASIS: An Anthology to Support Cancer Research.

β€œWalk with us.” -Jay Lake

Β Metastasis Cover - artwork by Jonathan Parrish, Cover design by Carol HightshoeWalk with us as we explore the world of cancer as seen through a speculative fiction lens. Hold our hands while we venture into the world of what-ifs. Take a journey at our side as we experience the full spectrum of what cancer has to offer. The light, the darkness.

Within these pages you’ll meet a woman who adores her cancer as a lover, another who sees it as her ticket to immortality. We’ll meet a boy willing to do anything to save his mother and another with superpowers. There’s a witch who uses magic to fight against the beast ravaging her friend’s body, a cat whose capacity for love is unparalleled, a damaged musician, aliens, a goddess butterfly and so much more.

These are not easy stories to read. This is not a comforting collection that will wipe your fears away and make everything all right. It’s not that kind of book. These stories will make you cry, but they’ll also make you laugh. They’ll touch you and stir emotions. These stories aren’t all fun, but they are important. All of them.

Edited by Rhonda Parrish, this extraordinary collection of speculative fiction revolves around the theme of cancer. Including work by award-winning and bestselling authors including Jay Lake and Kevin J. Anderson, these 26 stories and poems tell tales of pain and hope, love and loss, fear and strength.

Cancer scares us. There is so much we don’t know about it, but it’s out there, waiting to strike. This anthology attempts to strike back by supporting research that will develop new treatments and, eventually, find a cure.

WolfSinger Publications, the editor and contributors combined are donating a total of 62.5% of all proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

Metastasis is scheduled for release on Oct 15th, 2013. It will be available through and other online retailers, and can also be ordered through local bookstores.


Edited by Rhonda Parrish
Print ISBN: 978-1-936099-54-2
Print Price: $14.95
eBook Price: $6.95

For more information please contact the publisher at

I would just like to add, because you can’t really see it super clearly on the cover image I’ve posted up there, that Metastasis has been honored to include an afterword by Jay Lake AND it sports a spifftacular blurb from the amazing Lucy A. Snyder which reads:

“A strong, worthwhile anthology of poignant fiction and poetry.”

Lucy A. Snyder, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Chimeric Machines

And did you see the part in the press release where 62.5% of proceeds are going to benefit cancer research? That. Is. Awesome.

Thoughts on Metastasis

Metastasis CoverWe’re at a bit of a lull in the production cycle of Metastasis, which makes it the perfect time for me to gather some of my thoughts on it to share.

The creation of this anthology, much like Niteblade, has sort of a sine wave of activity, one week I’m rushed off my feet and feel like my brain is going to explode and the next I’m coasting along with plenty of time on my hands and space in my mind.

With Metastasis things were really busy right at the beginning when we made the announcement and the first big wave of submissions came in, then the activity slowed to a trickle for the bulk of the time we were open for submissions, only to peak again right before the deadline.

After the deadline things got really hectic around here while I read subs and trimmed my selections down to a short list and then to the final bunch I accepted. It didn’t slow down then, though. Once I had the stories and poems chosen we jumped into editing mode, then came paperwork time and now there’s a slight lull, as I said, before we move into final pre-publication stuff and then, finally, onto promoting and selling the book.

This anthology is fantastic. It shines. It really does. And frankly, it had to. I am dedicating my efforts in this anthology to the memory of my mother, so while this is a professional effort on my part it is also very, very personal. And it’s not just personal for me, it’s personal for a great many of the contributors as well. So while I tend to try to rein in my perfectionist streak most of the time, I mostly let it run free while I was working on this book.

And editing it? It was in-freaking-tense. I read each story, each poem, over and over and over again. Through the editing process and again while I figured out the order to put the pieces in, and then again and again to make sure that it all flowed how I wanted it to. Over and over. And these are not light-hearted fun stories. Not even the lightest of them. They aren’t all grim but, I mean, we were dealing with cancer as a theme, it’s pretty tough to make that all rainbows and cotton candy. I didn’t realize just how deeply it was affecting me until I was sitting in a movie theatre watching Pacific Rim and while giant robots and humongous monsters were destroying cities and using ocean liners as maces to smack each other around, I had a constant stream of tears flowing out from below my 3-d glasses. #truestory

Which is not to say the process between accepting stories and now was without its light moments. One of my favourites came as I was playing World of Warcraft and one of my best friends, BD Wilson, sent me an in-game message which said, “For the sake of my ego I submitted to Metastasis using a fake name. Now that my story has been accepted can we publish it under my real one?” Good times.

So I think what I’m trying to say is working on Metastasis has been an emotional roller coaster ride and, well, it’s not over yet πŸ˜‰

Metastasis Cover & Table of Contents

Metastasis Cover

There it is, the cover for Metastasis. The artwork was done by Jo and the design by Carol Hightshoe. I will definitely devote an entire blog entry to the cover but for today it needs to share a blog entry.

As important as the cover is, what is even more important is the book’s content, and let me tell you, this book’s content is awesome. I use that word a lot, awesome, but these stories and poems really, really are, and they come together in such a magical way. The sum truly is greater than the parts (and the parts are pretty fantastic).

This anthology shines. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Metastasis Table Of Contents

The Cancer Catechism by Jay Lake
Cancer: A Fairy Tale by Marge Simon
Oil and Water by Michael Kellar
The Light Box by Barbara Daniels
Time is the School in Which We Learn, Time is the Fire in Which We Burn by Candas Jane Dorsey
Hunter by Beth Cato
Quantum Therapy by David Sklar
Alchemical Warfare by Sandi Leibowitz
The Gypsy Cure by Bill Ratner
Tide Pools by Kevin J. Anderson
Next Placement by Steve Lickman
The Cure by Scott Lee Williams
Painter X by I J Black
Murder of Crows by Rie Sheridan Rose
The Lady in the Doorway by T. Fox Dunham
The Dead Rise For Me by Morgen Knight
A Brief Description of the Five Stages of Puppet Cancer by David McLain
Cancer Maximized by Mary-Ellen Maynard
Hold That Blade by Beth Cato
Missing by BD Wilson
A Hunter Reflects Upon the Properties of Sunlight, and Also of Ashes by Sara Cleto
Unchanged by Michael S. Pack
Sylvia and the Gynandromorph Sea by Brenda Stokes Barron
Arpeggio by Gabrielle Harbowy
Folklore of Lunenburg County by Robert Dawson
Like Sunlit Honey by Cat Jenkins

It’s So Hot…

It’s so hot!

How hot is it?

It’s so hot that:

-> The radio announcers on CBC keep warning people not to go outside unless absolutely necessary
-> The magpies in my back yard were panting and fighting over a nasty little pool of water in our compost
(we put some clean water out for them)
-> My dog, who rarely leaves my side, is hesitant to go anywhere but the concrete floor in the unfinished part of our basement
-> Our neighbourhood convenience store have all their chocolate bars stored in the pop coolers to keep them from melting
-> We have a severe thunderstorm warning for tonight because they expect a violent reaction once the air begins to cool down.
-> The tar on the streets sticks to your shoes and pulls away like ooey gooey bubble gum
-> Even places with air conditioning feel far, far too hot

We don’t have air conditioning. If you need me, I’ll be sitting in the basement, in front of a fan, reading submissions for Metastasis.

(The actual weather was about 34 degrees Celsius but the humidity is so high it apparently feels like 44. All I know is it’s freaking hot, dudes.)

Metastasis Deadline and Decisions

He Loves Me Not - Photograph by Rhonda ParrishThe deadline for Metastasis is midnight tonight. For those who have asked, I’m not sure what time zone the publisher lives in (she gets submissions and sends them on to me) but she’s not exactly a hard-ass so I suspect anything in her mail before she wakes up tomorrow will be sent on to me. Still, I can’t guarantee that so sooner is probably better.

Tomorrow, Monday, I begin another social media retreat week and by the end of it I hope to have made all my final decisions and notified the authors. I won’t be ready to announce the table of contents and stuff away as it has to go to the publisher for final approval and all that fun stuff, but we *may* be able to do a cover reveal by then. Maybe.

So that’s where things stand right now, I’ll definitely keep you up to date as things progress.

Five Questions from Beth Cato

He Loves Me Not - Photograph by Rhonda ParrishBeth Cato is an incredibly talented writer and poet who I’m proud to call my friend. Very recently she offered me the chance to be interviewed about Metastasis, my upcoming anthology from Wolfsinger Publications. I jumped at the chance.

Her interview went live on her blog today. You can check it out here — Five Questions for Rhonda Parrish, Editor of Metastasis. As you may have guessed from the title, the interview is short, only five questions, but it covers a lot of ground just the same. If you’ve submitted to Metastasis, are thinking of submitting or just want to know a little bit more about me or the anthology, check it out. It’ll be well worth your time.

Metastasis Update #2

He Loves Me Not - Photograph by Rhonda ParrishThey say that bad things come in threes, but I’d like to share three exciting developments with regard to Metastasis.

Award-winning author and cancer survivor Jay Lake has kindly donated his story The Cancer Catechism to Metastasis.

Jay Lake has been described as one of the rising stars of the science fiction and fantasy genre. Since first appearing on the scene in late 2001, he has seen over 300 short stories published, along with nine novels out, and more forthcoming. His work has received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Booklist, and significant recognition within the science fiction and fantasy field. He has won two of the most prestigious awards in science fiction and been nominated for numerous others.

Like many of you, I’ve been reading Jay’s books and watching him fight cancer for years now and it is truly an honor to have him be a part of this project.

But wait! There’s more!

Perhaps you’ve heard of Kevin J. Anderson? Kevin J. Anderson, the #1 international bestselling author of more than 115 books, is best known for his Dune novels coauthored with Brian Herbert, his Star Wars and X-Files novels and comics, and his original Saga of Seven Suns series.

Like Jay, Kevin has graciously donated one of his stories to Metastasis. Tide Pools, while not specifically about cancer deals with a degenerative disease and has, at its heart, a moral very appropriate to this anthology.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get more exciting you find out that Marge Simon has donated her artistic skills to this project. That means some or all of the accepted stories and poems will be illustrated. I don’t know about you, but as a writer I always especially adore publication credits where my work is illustrated. Marge has worked with Wolfsinger Publications a lot in the past as well as with me on Niteblade. It is going to be fantastic to have her adding to the visual impact of this anthology.

Me? Excited? That doesn’t even begin to express how I feel.


Bio blurbs were taken from the author’s websites. Also, though both Jay and Kevin’s stories are reprints we are not accepting unsolicited reprints.

Update #1: We have a title

The response to the upcoming cancer anthology has been overwhelmingly positive and wonderful. Thank you all so very much.

I have news. Big news. Exciting news. We have a name! Yay!

The anthology is going to be titled Metastasis

Because we chose a name that was not one of the ones suggested on the Wolfsinger Publications facebook page, Carol is going to hold a draw and award a free copy of the book to a random person who suggested a title for us to chose from. We really do appreciate your suggestions and efforts to help us name this anthology. Good luck to everyone whose name is going in that draw πŸ™‚

Right after we put out the call for submissions emails began arriving in my inbox. Some were submissions but many were from people who just wanted to share their story. To connect. I received emails from cancer survivors and from friends and family members of cancer survivors. I also heard stories about those who had lost the battle, people and pets, who were now gone. Cancer has touched almost everyone in one way or another and it seems to help in the healing process, in understanding and accepting, to share our stories.

I’ve edited Niteblade for a few years now, and this feels quite different from that. Each submission feels like it is coming from a very personal place and most are based on a loss or struggle that is very real and painful for the writer. As the editor of this anthology it’s going to be my job to say no to a lot of submissions, but I promise to give them all the respect and attention they deserve. Also? I will never use a single form letter in responding to you.

It is my intention to read and respond to submissions in small batches as they come in rather than waiting until the submission deadline has passed. It is more efficient for me and it means that if you send us something early on that isn’t quite right you still have time to re-submit if inspiration strikes again. I responded to the first batch yesterday, so if you submitted prior to January 21, 2013 you ought to have heard back from me. If you didn’t, please re-submit.

One thing I noticed while reading through the first batch of submissions is that while the quality of the writing was generally quite high, the majority of the stories and poems submitted were not speculative in nature. Not even a little. Some of those pieces were fantastic and if this were simply a cancer-themed anthology I would have taken them without question, but it’s not. Please make sure that your submissions are speculative in nature. Science fiction / fantasy. I define both genres very widely and welcome all their sub-genres. The important thing is if your story could take place in the world we live in today, and no one would blink an eye or think it odd, it’s not right for this anthology.*

If you have questions, please ask. I won’t bite. Honest.

*With the possible exception of a specifically solicited story or two.