Brains are Funny Things…

Despite the fact I’ve started sharing Lost and Found on this blog, it isn’t quite finished. I’ve been going over it chapter by chapter and cleaning it up, polishing it and making it as good as I can. Midway through the novel I ran into some problems that necessitated extensive changes. That slowed down my progress and resulted in the situation I’m in now; serializing a novella that isn’t quite finished. However, at this precise moment I am, quite literally, fifteen minutes away from having Lost and Found polished and done. Ready to get sent out for reviews. So why am I blogging?

Why haven’t I finished it up?

Beats me.

As a psych student I could come up with several valid theories. Things about endings, letting go, perfectionism… but truthfully I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t know why I’ve spent the last hour or so mindlessly surfing instead of finishing up these last few paragraphs, I just have.

Enough of that. Time to get this finished and start collecting reviews. Really. As soon as I post this blog.


Any minute now…

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