Blood and Stone Revised

I’ve just finished another round of revisions for Blood and Stone and I love it 🙂 Yay! Is it perfect? No, but I think it’s really good and I also think (hope) its as good as it’s going to get without an agent or editor looking it over and giving me notes. I have sent it to my beta readers again and I’m hoping to hear back from them in the next week or so. Assuming they don’t find any giant plot holes I’m calling this one finished.

In fact, I’ve already begun work on the sequel, Shadows and Lies.

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One thought on “Blood and Stone Revised”

  1. Congratulations Rhonda,

    It must feel good to have one ‘in the can.’ I like your titles for books one and two. Good luck with your agent hunt.

    I’m eager to see Blood and Stone on the shelves. Keep me posted.


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