Birds! :)

I have more pictures. Are you tired of pictures? I hope not because there are loads more where these came from.

These are all bird pictures I took at Pier 39. After we’d finished walking around and such we stopped to have soft pretzels (I think it may have been my first big pretzel ever in life…which is weird since I love pretzels) on the grass. Let me tell you about this grass, it was the springiest grass I’ve ever felt in my life. It felt so good under my sore feet, and my butt. There were loads of birds all around us…most of which we didn’t bribe over with food.



I know some people hate pigeons, but I love them. When I was a kid we lived on a farm and had pigs, chickens, turkeys and geese. One day a pigeon came to live with them. He was totally tame and would hang out on us kids’ heads and shoulders, and is famous for sitting on my mom’s head and pulling her hairs out one by one. We loved him and named him Coo. Ever since then I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for these rats with wings 🙂


I don’t know what most of these birds are, actually. Mostly they are just little feathered beings that I think are intriguing, beautiful and pretty darn smart.

Birdy again!

More Birdy!

Another Birdy

You can see full-sized versions of all these pictures by clicking on them, but I just realised you can tell how large each image is in proportion to each other based on how wide the border looks. The borders are all the same size so if it looks wider on one thumbnail than on another, it’s because that picture is smaller. In case you care, which you probably don’t LOL

Big Black Birdy

Aww Cute Birdy

Huh. I think this is the same bird from one of the pictures above. I tried to make sure I picked images with different ones, but apparently I failed. It’s still a nice shot though 🙂

Confrontational Birdy
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