Bedtime Story

Tesseracts 17

Tesseracts 17Okay, this may seem a little braggy, but it came at a time I was feeling really low and totally made my week so I’m going to share it here. My Tesseracts tale, Bedtime Story, was Aaron Hughes’ story recommendation of the week over at Fantastic Reads!

Having friends enjoy your work is fantastic, but when a total stranger* reads your story and enjoys it enough to blog about it? That’s pretty freaking phenomenal!

I am so excite!

Yes, I said excite on purpose. Because.


*Aaron and I are Facebook friends now, but had no connection when this was posted.


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5 Responses to Bedtime Story

  1. Simon Kewin says:

    Brag away! That’s fantastic. Don’t blame you for the excite…

  2. Congrats, Rhonda! I’d brag, too 🙂

  3. Nuts, I hit “post” before adding I really liked your story as well. Eerie and touching at the same time. I think fear feels different when you are younger, and your story captured that.

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