Aurora Story Bundle

If you’re looking for a great bundle of books to read have I got a link for you! Story Bundle has a bundle going on right now that contains 8 books which have won the Aurora Award. The Aurora Award, for those who don’t know, is an award for excellence in Canadian speculative fiction.

Check this out:

Our curator, Douglas Smith, has won the Aurora three times and been on the final ballot another sixteen. One of his goals when putting this bundle together, aside from offering the best books possible, was to have a gender balance in the selected authors. Mission accomplished. The bundle includes five female and five male authors. You’ll also get a great mix of SF and fantasy, adult and YA novels, as well as a selection of short fiction. The bundle also reflects the long history of the Auroras, with titles spanning over twenty years of Canadian speculative fiction.


Click Here to check ’em out

And for the record, I don’t have a book in this bundle, I’m just spreading the word because a friend asked me to and writing is a team sport 🙂


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