In recent years I’ve begun editing a lot of anthologies. If I were to keep adding them to my publications list as I had been the drop down menu would soon be unusable. In an attempt to head that off, I’m making this section. It includes anthologies I’d edited and/or published, not the ones I’ve been published in.


2 thoughts on “Anthologies”

  1. I submitted a story to the forthcoming ‘Sirens’ anthology. When can I expect to receive an email about the status of my submission?
    I look forward to receiving your reply.
    Maverick Smith

    1. Hi Maverick,

      That depends on when you submitted it. I’m not sending out emails acknowledging receipt of submissions but I am keeping my social media updated on how I’m progressing through submissions (the oldest unread one is currently from September 18th) so you could keep an eye on that ( Twitter — @RhondaParrish) or, if you’ve got some concerns you could always query me via email but I’ll need to know the title of the story or something. I did a quick check and I do not have a submission associated with the email address you are using to comment, so if that’s the one you used to submit to me please drop me a line at

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