…and then THIS happened!

I was having a crappy day.

It’s hot here. Way too hot. I live in Edmonton where it’s a sport to both complain about the weather and brag about how horrible the weather is… and mostly people complain about the cold, but I deal with cold WAY better than I deal with hot. C’mon. When it’s cold outside I can mostly stay in the house, or add another layer of clothes, but when it’s hot? There are only so many layers you can take off before you’re risking arrest… or scarring someone for life. (And also, not only do we not have AC, our furnace doesn’t even have a summer fan. Seriously. What kind of furnace doesn’t have a summer fan?!)

…I’m getting off-topic.

So, it’s hot. And our chronically ill dog hasn’t been feeling well (and the chronic illnesses mean you get to play the ‘Is this a symptom of one of his diseases that means I should walk him to the vent [in the HOT] or, does he just have an upset tummy’ guessing game. Which is so much fun.*).

And Jo left today to go on a trip.

And I’m really kind of swamped with work right now and suffering from imposter syndrome coupled with ‘not enough writing time’.

And did I mention it’s hot?

So.. yeah. Having a less than awesome day.

Then the DHL dude knocked on my door and gave me this:

What Could It Be?

Hello there awesome box of mystery! What could you possibly contain? (Okay, so I had a good idea, but shh… just go with it for the sake of the story LoL)

Inside The Box

Oh. Someone was a clever little box packer, weren’t they? C’mon! What’s inside the box?!



So. I had been having a crappy day…and then THIS happened!  A big box of beautiful books!

Fae is going to be available for purchase by the general public one week from today. You can pre-order your copy from World Weaver Press, or wait to get it at launch, but you’ll want to get it. Trust me. Seeing that cover looking up at you from inside packaging? It helps make even the most craptastic of days better 🙂


*I’m pretty sure at this point it’s “just” an upset tummy.


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3 thoughts on “…and then THIS happened!”

  1. You know the saying. One woman’s trash is another woman’s…utopia.

    I envy your heat. Here in Winnipeg, where complaining about the weather is also a competitive sport, the summer has been unseasonably cold and rainy. After the worst winter in 85+ years, it’s a real downer. Yes, you can put on another sweater, but the winters here are so miserable for so long that I become a complete hermit, and I love the outdoors. I long for summer, and to have this one be such a flop has been pretty depressing.

    Glad you found something to cheer you up, and I’d happily propose a permanent weather swap as well. 🙂 But, full confession–I do have central air, not that we’ve needed it much.

  2. I love, love, love the autumn-ness of the cover. Honestly, I expected lots of green. 🙂 But there’s an edginess and riskiness to the orange that absolutely ROCKS.

    The heat sucks. Each summer it gets worse for me, and my thyroid is a little wonky right now which makes the heat even hotter. I hope fall comes early…

  3. That is SO awesome! The heat will pass. And in the meantime you can take a copy of Fae and settle in (in your copious free time!) with an iced tea and slowly go through page by page and think…’I did this!’
    Heart goes out to poor doggie! :-/

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