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Equus Battle Royal

Why I Love The Oilers

I posted something about the Oilers on social media a week or two ago and my sister said, “Wait. Why are you watching hockey?” and I said, “Because playoffs and bandwagons?” But that’s not true. Not entirely. It is true … Continue reading

Equus Cover Reveal

Cover by Jonathan C. Parrish

Is it a horse? A unicorn? A pegasus? One of the best things about this cover for Equus is that you can’t tell — but you know it is equine. The cover was done by Jonathan C. Parrish and I … Continue reading

C is for Chimera Release-versary

Cover art and design by Jonathan C. Parrish

Today C is for Chimera turns one–by which I mean, it’s the anniversary of its release. Like most people my favourite project tends to be the newest one–it’s shiny, it’s bright, it’s… well, new. But right now is the middle … Continue reading

Aurora Award Nominations are Open

SIRENS -- cover by Jonathan C. Parrish

It’s the time of year again! Nominations are open for the Aurora Awards. This year I have two eligible anthologies, Sirens and C is for Chimera. In addition, the following individual stories from the anthologies are also eligible: Sirens: “Moth … Continue reading

Mrs. Claus Wishlist

I won’t even pretend that this anthology wasn’t originally inspired by a commercial. It totally was. I watched this commercial for Marks and Spencer: …and, after I stopped crying (every. single. time.) I started thinking about Mrs. Claus. Mrs. Claus … Continue reading

Inside a Writer’s Mind — On Editing

Inside a Writer’s Mind – On Editing Guest Post by Tabitha Lord I actually like editing. The bones of my book are already there, and at that point, I know I have a good story. I’ve worked out the major … Continue reading

Dream Eater

Dream Eater is an urban fantasy with a difference — K. Bird Lincoln didn’t rely on vampires and werewolves for her mythical creatures. Nu-uh. She includes awesome Japanese, Middle Eastern and Native American mythological creatures. Love! Koi Pierce dreams other … Continue reading

But really, aren’t we all winners?

Well, the rafflecopter has ended and a winner has been chosen from the over 200 entries. Congratulations Patricia J.! I have emailed you with the information I need in order to send your prize and I hope to hear from … Continue reading