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The Sound of Sirens

For this, the final entry into the Sirens blog tour, I’d like to leave you with something amazing — The Sound of Sirens. This podcast was created by Cat McDonald and edited by Nick Acheff to celebrate the launch of Sirens … Continue reading

Notefisher: Alt Opening

As suggested by the title right there *points up* and right there *points down”, this is an alternate opening for Cat McDonald’s Sirens story, “Notefisher” 🙂   Notefisher Alt Opening Cat McDonald   Terra wiggled back into the rain-wet couch … Continue reading

Four (and a half) Things I Learned Writing Threshold

Four (and a half) Things I Learned Writing Threshold K.T. Ivanrest Disclaimer: While some of these are things I discovered about myself as a writer, others are advice straight out of Writing 101. I’m sharing them anyway because they were … Continue reading

Notes on “We Are Sirens”

Notes on “We Are Sirens” L.S. Johnson  This is the seed: a class called “Integrated Liberal Studies” in my senior year of high school. We read Homer, we read snatches of Ovid and Virgil, and I felt myself falling down … Continue reading

Literary Crush

Literary Crush by Michael Leonberger If novels are like great romances, then short stories are the equivalent of speed dating. Fast. Flirty. Direct. If the encounter is good, it lingers in the mind long after the affair has ended. Hopefully … Continue reading

Listen and Repeat

Today’s contribution to the Sirens blog tour is a piece of flash fiction from Tamsin Showbrook. Enjoy! LISTEN AND REPEAT by Tamsin Showbrook  It was okay in the beginning. I first heard the song on YouTube.  There were a few … Continue reading

Voices in my Head…

  The Voices in My Head… Tabitha Lord As a writer, creating characters is one of my favorite things. Often a character will appear in my mind, complete with a personality, career, and name, but without a story. If I’m … Continue reading

The Horrors in the Closet

The Horrors in the Closet Adam L. Bealby I should be here to talk about The Fisherman’s Catch, my new black comedy featured in Rhonda Parrish’s rather lovely Sirens anthology. But I’d like to talk about movies instead. Also, my gran. See, I … Continue reading


SIRENS -- cover by Jonathan C. Parrish

Sixteen siren songs that will both exemplify and defy your expectations.   I have been talking about this anthology for months and months but it’s finally here so for today I’m going to shut up and just let it speak … Continue reading

The Drama in Japanese Dramas

The Drama in Japanese Dramas Eliza Chan I love Japanese dramas, or J-dorama as fans call it. Before I lived in Japan, it was a great way to learn about culture and language, during my three years living in Japan … Continue reading

Why I Wrote “Safe Waters” for SIRENS…

Why I wrote Safe Waters for the Sirens anthology. Simon Kewin  In short, I didn’t. Or at least, not completely. Writing’s a funny thing: sometimes the whole story is magically there and it’s simply a matter of setting it down. … Continue reading