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Of Sirens and Sorrow – Part 3

Of Sirens and Sorrow – Part 3 Amanda Kespohl Continued from Part 2 CONCLUSIONS As you can see, when a fairytale involves romance between humans and merfolk, it often ends in tragedy. Someone typically ends up losing his/her life, his … Continue reading

Of Sirens and Sorrow – Part 2

Of Sirens and Sorrow – Part 2 Amanda Kespohl Continued from Part 1 ONDINE / UNDINE Undines are a magical race of water spirits popularized by the novella, Undine, by Friederich de La Motte-Fouqué in 1811.[1] In that tale, a … Continue reading

Of Sirens and Sorrow – Part 1

Of Sirens and Sorrow – Part 1 Amanda Kespohl   The ocean. So beautiful. So mysterious. So “full of fish,” as Kevin Kline’s character from French Kiss observed. And merfolk, maybe? For thousands of years, man has thought so. As … Continue reading

Sirens: The Blog Tour

The release date for Sirens keeps inching closer and closer. To celebrate it I’ve organised a blog tour, and I’m pretty stinkin’ stoked about this one 🙂 Beginning tomorrow a series of blog posts will go live on my blog … Continue reading

Haunted Hospitals Cover

I wasn’t going to share this just yet because my bio on the Amazon page is wrong (I haven’t lived in Calgary for 36 years) but I can’t resist 🙂 Check. This. Out. The cover for Mark and my book, … Continue reading

New Twitter Chat! #DarkLitChat — Join us on June, 21st at 8pm EST!

Because writing is a team sport (and I like them, when D.H. Poirier and Elesha Teskey asked for people to help spread the word about their new Twitter chat I raised my hand. Here is the result 🙂 What is … Continue reading

Encounter Cards

I’ve been spending a lot of time editing these days, and the writing I’m getting done is largely of the non-fiction variety, so when Justin Sirois approached me and asked if I would consider writing some encounters for his Dungeon Dealer … Continue reading

Dream Eater

I’m not sure that I blogged about it when it happened, but a few months ago my role at World Weaver Press expanded from Anthologist to include a new spiffy Assistant Editor title, and today I get to announce the first book … Continue reading

Haunted Hospitals Cover Options

We have cover options for Haunted Hospitals!! *bounces* Check these out: Which one do you like better? Also, while I have you here and I’m talking about this book I just want to clear up a couple things. First, I … Continue reading

Omega Rising

My dear friend, Anna Kyle, has a brand new book out today. Omega Rising is the first book in her Wolf King series but because sometimes publishing is weird, it’s actually the second one to be released LOL It’s a … Continue reading