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Changelings in World Mythology

I’m wrapping up Fae-tastic Fridays on my blog. Though I may occasionally share something more Fae-related here it won’t be on a regular basis… after one last series of awesome blog posts, that is. Some of the contributors to Fae … Continue reading


All rights reserved by Rhonda Parrish

I don’t usually post micro blogs, and especially not ones which are mostly about a single tweet, but I’m making an exception today. Because. Karma – the guy who pushed past me on the tube and then suggested I go … Continue reading

Scarecrow Table of Contents

Proposed Table of Contents for SCARECROW Scarecrow Hangs by Jane Yolen Kakashi and Crow by Megan Fennell Only the Land Remembers by Amanda Block Skin Map by Kim Goldberg Waking from His Master’s Dream by Katherine Marzinsky A Fist Full … Continue reading

Sale: In Space No One Can Hear You QQ

I am so, so, so excited to announce that my poem, In Space No One Can Hear You QQ, will be included in a future issue of the Grievous Angel webzine. This poem came out of a discussion *cough* dare … Continue reading

Corvidae Table of Contents

Magpie Model - Photograph taken by Rhonda Parrish

Proposed Table of Contents for CORVIDAE A Murder of Crows by Jane Yolen Whistles and Trills by Kat Otis The Valravn by Megan Fennell A Mischief of Seven by Leslie Van Zwol Visiting Hours by Michael S. Pack The Rookery … Continue reading