Monthly Archives: November 2014

This Year’s Pushcart Nominations

Every year I talk about how difficult it is to choose which works to nominate for the Pushcart Prize and that’s because each year it gets harder. This year I was saved from truly heartbreaking decisions by two things: Eileen … Continue reading

Fae Contributor Interview: Beth Cato

I took a short break from Fae-tastic Fridays because I was traveling and also rather too swamped with *things* to even pretend I could be organised. However, stuff has become far less frenetic of late and (most importantly) I’m back … Continue reading

In Defense of the Crappy Zombie Movie

I volunteered to host a guest blog to go along with this year’s Winter of Zombie. And here it is. Jay Wilburn talking about the allure of the crappy zombie movie: In Defense of the Crappy Zombie Movie by Jay … Continue reading

To-Do List (Sorta)

Like most people I know, the past couple months have been pretty much a total blur for me. A blur of mostly good things, but still a blur. Not only does time move faster the closer and closer I get … Continue reading

Holiday Traditions

December is creeping ever nearer and I thought it might be fun to spend it sharing holiday traditions on my blog. To that end I’m asking my friends and readers (that means you) to write a guest blog about your … Continue reading

Published: Two Wrongs (and) Golden Hour

Two of my poems, Two Wrongs and Golden Hour (which are completely different from one another aside from the fact both have nature-y stuff in ’em) are included in this month’s issue of Dual Coast Magazine. It looks like quite … Continue reading

Published: Broken (Free Download)

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” ― Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing Write 1 Sub 1 is a super supportive group of writers who, inspired by Ray Bradbury, have committed to write … Continue reading

Rebecca Besser Interview

A while back, Rebecca suggested that it might be fun to exchange guest posts on one another’s blogs. I agreed with her. So, today I’m interviewing her here, on my blog, and on the 27th I’ll be making appearance over … Continue reading

What would you nominate?

It’s that time of year again. Time to nominate for the Pushcart Prize. This year I’m nominating, not only from Niteblade, but also A is for Apocalypse. I have a fairly good idea what pieces I’ll be nominating, but nothing … Continue reading

Published: Hold This Camel / Memories

My poem “Hold This Camel” and vignette “Memories” were both reprinted in this month’s issue of Hermeneutic Chaos. Neither were available online before, but now you can take a peek and give them a read for free if you are … Continue reading