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Ten Years

Married for ten years, together for thirteen. Ridiculously happy. We must be doin’ something right. I love you Jo. Happy Anniversary! <3

All. The. Things.

Bayne -- Artwork by Danica Parrish

When I looked at the list of things I wanted to signal boost this week I actually felt a little dizzy. “How the hell am I going to fit Twitter, Facebook and blog posts for all those things in without … Continue reading

#CreepyFreebies 2014

Each year Milo James Fowler hosts an event he calls Creepy Freebies where he invites horror writers to join together and give readers a little taste of what we do for free. Last year I joined in, and this year … Continue reading

Fae Contributor Interview: Liz Colter

This week for Fae-tastic Friday, I’m stoked to introduce you to Liz Colter. Liz wrote the Fae story, The Last King and was kind enough to consent to an interview: ~*~ Liz Colter’s Interview   What was the inspiration for … Continue reading

Sale: Coming Storm

My short story, Coming Storm, has been accepted for publication in a future issue of Shroud. I am *so* stoked. Lately I’ve been writing a lot of things with a ‘magi vs mundane’ theme, but this is the first one … Continue reading

Mythic Delirium Anthology

If you follow me on social media you have definitely seen me bragging about this LoL This is the cover for the very first, Mythic Delirium print anthology: How freaking gorgeous is that? And did you look at the back … Continue reading

Fae Contributor Interview: L.S. Johnson

It’s Fae-tastic Friday again! This week I’m pleased to offer an interview I conducted with the amazing L.S. Johnson. Her story, “The Queen of Lakes” was one of my favourite stories in Fae (and I’ll have a little excerpt of … Continue reading


I am pretty freaking busy this November. Off the top of my head I will be: Attending the World Fantasy Convention in Washington, DC Attending Pure Spec in Edmonton Editing the bulk of the stories for B is for Broken … Continue reading

Before They Were Zombies

Battle for Middle Earth wight icon

When I agreed to participate in zOctober I announced that I’d like to have a few other zombie-themed posts on my blog for the month. Not so many as in the Month of Zombies, you understand, but a sprinkling. Christine … Continue reading

Fae Contributor Interview: Rhonda Eikamp

It’s Fae-tastic Friday, again! How are you enjoying these Fae-centric breaks from everything else that’s going on? I rather like them. We have a few more interviews to go, but when we run out I think I’ll continue the series … Continue reading

Sale: Hold This Camel & Memories

Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal

My vignette, Memories, and poem Hold This Camel have both been accepted for inclusion in the November issue of Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal. Both of these are reprints, but Memories is one of my personal favourites, and Hold This Camel … Continue reading