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Danica's Eye - Photograph copyright Rhonda Parrish

It was time. This blog needed a facelift, so yesterday instead of tackling anything on my freaking epic to-do list, I changed up the blog’s layout. Because that is how I roll 😉 So now it’s all new and different … Continue reading

Connect With Me

Rhonda Parrish

One of the best ways to connect with me is to sign up for my newsletter — I promise to respect your privacy (I will never sell, rent or giveaway your email address) and your inbox. Mostly I only send an … Continue reading

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Blogging from A to Z 2014

So, I’m signed up to do this again this year. Which means I need to get my butt in gear and come up with a theme. I know it doesn’t start until April but I need to pre-schedule at least … Continue reading

Published: The Other Side of the Door

My story, The Other Side of the Door, is included in Issue #8 of KZine. I love this story. I love this story. I wrote it while we were on vacation last year. On this particular evening, we were in … Continue reading

Social Media Changes Everything

Social media makes everything different. It really does. I had a rough few days this week (which means my family did too) that included numerous trips to different doctors, three EKGs, a load of blood tests and spending ten hours … Continue reading

Published: Their Closet Existence

Every Day Poets Logo

I felt like I should go take a photograph of my closet to go with the announcement but after about half a second of thought I dismissed that idea LoL My poem, “Their Closet Existence” was published today on Every … Continue reading

Goals for 2014

Each year, like so many other people, I see the changing of the calendar as the perfect time to look back over the past twelve months and set goals for the next ones. It’s super helpful to me and I … Continue reading


I’m working pretty hard on the edits for Fae today, but I find that my productivity stays highest if I take little breaks in between to do other stuff. It keeps my mind sharp (ish LOL) and keeps the words … Continue reading

That Reminds Me…

Nanton -- Copyright All rights reserved by Rhonda Parrish

I watched this video this afternoon (the cat on my lap was *not* impressed, let me tell you) and it made me smile: My smile had a little something to do with the pissed off cat, a little something to … Continue reading


So I wrote this poem a while back. The bad news is that it’s about as subtle as a cast iron frying pan to the face, which makes it a wee bit tricky to place in a publication. The good … Continue reading

In Less Than a Year…

At the beginning of last year Jo, Danica and I made a ‘Good Things Jar’. The idea was that over the course of the year we would write down good things that happened to us and put them in the … Continue reading