Monthly Archives: June 2013

Metastasis Deadline and Decisions

The deadline for Metastasis is midnight tonight. For those who have asked, I’m not sure what time zone the publisher lives in (she gets submissions and sends them on to me) but she’s not exactly a hard-ass so I suspect … Continue reading

How I Work

~ Clicky clicky to make bigger ~ Any work I can do without the use of a computer is done on my bed. I know, I know it’s bad for me, it’s not good for posture, or brain training or … Continue reading

Sale: Patchwork Quilt

Recognize this picture? It’s of the patchwork quilt my mother made me when I was very young. I blogged about it a while back, talking about how much I loved it, how old it was getting and the remarkable coincidence … Continue reading

Sale: New Arrival & Mary Lee

Have I mentioned that Every Day Poets has become one of my favourite markets? One of the many reasons for that is it doesn’t require me to classify my poetry according to genre and since more and more I’m writing … Continue reading

Fuck It

I’m revising and transcribing poems from my April Poem a Day notebook onto my computer to send out. The prompt for Day Fourteen was “A Sonnet”. I don’t love sonnets, I find iambic pentameter awkward and just not my favourite. … Continue reading

Published: Gopher Season

My super short story, Gopher Season, was published this morning at This story is not speculative in the least, in fact it’s straight out of my childhood. Also, did I mention it’s super short? It’s super short. It began … Continue reading

Accepted for Tesseracts 17!!!

Today is an emotional day for me. First of all, it should have been my Mom’s 56th birthday. I don’t think I need to dwell on how I feel about that in this post. I feel as you would imagine … Continue reading

Sale: Hold This Camel

Back at the beginning of April, when I was doing the April Poem a Day Challenge, I tweeted this: When given the poetry prompt ‘Hold that _____’ my first thought was camel. Yup. Hold that camel. I wanna write that … Continue reading

Five Questions from Beth Cato

Beth Cato is an incredibly talented writer and poet who I’m proud to call my friend. Very recently she offered me the chance to be interviewed about Metastasis, my upcoming anthology from Wolfsinger Publications. I jumped at the chance. Her … Continue reading