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Care Bear Crisis

I interrupt what has been mostly self-promotional posts of late, to bring you something completely unrelated to books or writing, but something I feel a desire to share… my Care Bear Crisis. You see those pictures there? Those are some … Continue reading

Published: Alien Skin Creme

My poem, Alien Skin Creme, was published today at Every Day Poets. If you’re intrigued but the title (c’mon, you are, right?) then you ought to check it out. I wrote the first draft of this one as part of … Continue reading

Enchanted Book Promotions

  Remember when I announced the Bewitching Book Tour and I said it was the first tour I was doing? This is the second 🙂 Enchanted Book Promotions is also responsible for running a one week tour for Aphanasian Stories. … Continue reading

Bewitching Book Tour

I wanted to do a virtual book tour for the release of Aphanasian Stories but April was so crazy I knew I wasn’t going to have time to set it up, so instead I booked a couple tours with websites … Continue reading

Aphanasian Stories

Aphanasian Stories. I’ve bundled up three of the stories I’ve written which were set in Aphanasia into a collection I have cleverly titled Aphanasian Stories, and it’s now available for you 🙂 Including in this collection of re-released stories are … Continue reading

Published: The Day After

My poem, The Day After, is up at Napalm and Novocain 🙂

Sale: My Whole World

Yay! My poem, My Whole World, has been accepted for publication by Every Day Poets. I’m not sure when it will be out, but I am really, really looking forward to sharing this one. It’s a completely non-speculative piece I … Continue reading

Published: Lost Miners

My poem, Lost Miners, was published on Seven by Twenty today as a way of commemorating the anniversary of the Westray mining disaster. Heavy with clay / scuffed & beaten / with dried tongues thrust out, / 26 boots await … Continue reading

Sale: The Day After

My poem, The Day After, has been accepted for inclusion at Napalm and Novocain — a webzine which features poetry with a theme of romance’s aftermath. I don’t often write things which would fall into that category but in going … Continue reading


I’m on a social media retreat… but I couldn’t remember my Goodreads password offhand so I logged in via Facebook… and then I somehow ended up on Facebook and was scrolling down my feed before I remembered I wasn’t supposed … Continue reading

Zombie Poem (and an exceptionally bad limerick)

I write a lot of zombie poems. In fact, I’m planning to self-publish a collection of zombie poems later this year. I was just going through some of my April Poem a Day poems from last year to see if … Continue reading