Monthly Archives: April 2013

Z: Zee End

Well this is it. The end of the challenge. Thank gawd. I really took on too much this month and I will be very happy to see it come to an end. It was fun but… yeah… sanity will be … Continue reading

Y: Yergen, Amy: Handspun

I love fairy tales, and Handspun by Amy Yergen definitely has that fairy tale flavour. In addition to being a fantastic short story it made me want to learn how to spin my own wool for crocheting LOL ~*~ This … Continue reading

X: Issue #10

Over the years Niteblade has published three print issues. I’d love to do more but they are expensive. Sadly, it’s not even really the printing part that’s expensive, it’s the shipping part. Sending a copy of a print anthology to … Continue reading

W: Where Dreams are Grown

That dude there? That’s Old Man Somni. He’s the main character of Suzanne van Rooyen’s story, Where Dreams are Grown. It was my pleasure to publish Where Dreams are Grown in the September 2012 issue of Niteblade. I fell in … Continue reading

V: Vardon, Nicki – Forbidden Fruit

It feels a little wrong to be writing a blog entry about a reprint at Niteblade. Truthfully, I much prefer the works that we get to be the first to publish (and who wouldn’t?) but, well, I really liked this … Continue reading

U: Unsettling

He sank into the cold lawn at the foot of the window and began tearing at the blackness, making no more dent on the outside than he did on the inside of his own. Instead of shredding the black lid … Continue reading

T: For the Dead Travel Fast

I know. T is not for ‘For the Dead Travel Fast’ but it is for translation, and that’s what this is. Our most recent issue of Niteblade saw the very first translated story that we’ve published. For the Dead Travel … Continue reading

S: Staff

When I first started Niteblade I did everything but the .pdf layout which Jo did. It was a lot of work. A lot. Like far more than I’d expected going in. Still, I had have control issues so I sucked … Continue reading

R: Running Empty in a Land of Decay

I love zombie stories. Love, love, love them. And one of my favourite short zombie stories is this one by Damien Walters Grintalis – Running Empty in a Land of Decay. When Amber Stults interviewed Damien about this story (and … Continue reading

Q: Philosopher Quinn

I’ve blogged about Philosopher Quinn before. This story by Jens Rushing was included in our March 2008 issue and I really enjoy it still, four years later. Is it the most well-written thing we’ve ever published? Um, no, but I … Continue reading

P: Poetry Editor, Alexandra Seidel

I have control issues, so it wasn’t easy when I handed over the role of poetry editor to Alexandra Seidel. But, like many things which aren’t easy, it was very much worth doing. Alexandra has been the sole poetry editor … Continue reading