Monthly Archives: February 2013

Published: Sea and Sky

It’s officially launch day for Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories. Yay! They are having launch events all over the place, so no matter which end of the country you live in there may be something near you. You can check … Continue reading

Edmonton Book Launch

I’m super excited to announce that there will be an Edmonton book launch for Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories (which includes Jo and my tale Sea and Sky) along with Krista D. Ball’s book What Kings Ate and Wizard’s Drank. … Continue reading

Sale: Rest

My love affair with Every Day Poets continues. They have accepted my poem, Rest, for inclusion in a future issue. Yay! I don’t know exactly what date it will be up yet, but I’ll let you know when it happens.

Masked Mosaic Cover

  Oh. My gawd. You know, there are covers, and then there are covers. And while it’s always a pleasure to be included in an anthology, I will admit that I’m shallow enough that exactly how happy I am about … Continue reading