Monthly Archives: December 2012


I’d meant to spend some time this afternoon working on a blog post that was looking back at the year, at what I’d accomplished, what goals I had achieved and which I hadn’t, that sort of thing. But then, life … Continue reading


I was just editing the page for Shades of Green to link to a review that was just done of it (ChrisChat Reviews) and in a roundabout way it reminded me that I ought to remind you — If you … Continue reading

Sickness and Empathy

Like most everyone I know, I spent a good part of yesterday watching the news, crying and feeling useless. The massacre at Sandy Hook is crushing. It, and the reactions to it that I saw on my social media feeds … Continue reading

Dear Santa

Last year I wrote a letter to Santa on my blog and I thought it was a lot of fun, so have decided to make it an annual tradition. I am not writing this to request anyone buy these items … Continue reading

Sale: Beneath

I’m super excited to announce that my short horror poem, Beneath, has been accepted to appear on Every Day Poets some time in the near future. I love Every Day Poets. I love it as a reader and as a … Continue reading

Published: Memories

My vignette, Memories, is included in The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2012 which was published today. From the website: The journal, published quarterly online, is a lush synergy of atmospheric prose, poetry, photography and illustrations, put together with … Continue reading

Pre-Order The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2012

The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2012 is now available for pre-orders and I think if you pre-order you get your copy at a discount. From the Emergent Publishing page: In late 2011, Jessica Bell and Dawn Ius founded … Continue reading

Don’t Piss On Someone’s Art

See this little guy? It might be difficult to tell because of all the snow, but this is a statue of a beaver. He’s sitting on a bench and holding a hockey stick (he used to have a mug in … Continue reading

The Language of Flowers

Issue number twenty two of Niteblade Magazine was released at midnight last night. It is fantastic. This issue includes four stories and five poems, each of them unique and beautiful. Table of Contents: The Curse of the Reaper’s Wife Hieronymus … Continue reading