Published: …Oh My!

Kzine 4 cover

This story has a long, complicated history which makes me especially pleased to see it finally find a home in Kzine.

A couple years ago (it may even be a few years ago now) I saw an anthology that was looking for horror stories set in the land of Oz and I thought, “Hmm, zombie munchkins. How awesome would that be?” Eventually, long past that particular anthology’s deadline had passed, I finished writing a story about zombies in the land of Oz.

Around that time I won a charity auction to have Jim C. Hines critique a short story. Guess which one I sent him? 🙂 Jim’s feedback was fantastic. Not only did it help make this story better, but it taught/showed me things that have improved my writing just in general.

I revised the hell out of “…Oh My!” and submitted it to a zombie short story contest. I placed (I think I got third? It’s been a while LOL) and was offered a spot in their upcoming anthology of zombie stories. I accepted.

Then, several months later the anthology fell through. Wheee!

I set to work looking for a new home for this story. Do you know how easy it is to place a zombie story set in Oz? Um. Not very. I collected a lot of fantastic personal rejections, including one that thanked me for giving them the opportunity to write the phrase ‘zombified munchkins’, but no acceptances. And then along came KZine.

I am proud to say that “…Oh My!” is included in their 4th issue which was published this weekend.

KZine is a magazine specifically meant for Kindles, so that’s the only way you can read it. If you have a Kindle and are interested in zombified munchkins you can check out all the details here –> KZine Issue #4

Published: Lovers

7 x 20 MagazineMy super short poem, Lovers, was reprinted in Seven by Twenty today.

This is the poem that earned me a Rhysling nomination a couple years ago and is the one I read at the only poetry reading I’ve ever done (at the World Fantasy Convention in Calgary). I like it. A lot. Though now, after several years of reading it over and over for various reasons, I find it difficult to resist the urge to edit it. Ya know, just take out a comma, or tweek a word. This is why I don’t usually read my work after it’s been published 😉

Check it out –> Lovers on Seven by Twenty.

Published: Broken

Trembles Magazine

There were some delays associated with the release of the most recent issue of Trembles Magazine but the wait is over. The new issue is now available for Kindle and Kobo (the paperback version ought to be out soon too for those who prefer their horror in dead tree form) and includes my poem, Broken.

For this issue I’m sharing a table of contents with Richard Farren Barber, J. Douglas Stephensen, Tara Fox Hall, T.J. McIntyre, Afonso K. Amedia, Natalie J E Potts, Brian Barnett and Richard King Perkins II.

Check it out 🙂

Sale: Memories

Vine Leaves Literary Journal

Within my writing folder there happens to be a vignette I’d written in 2010. I like it very much, but had no freaking idea what to do with, so it kicked around my brain and gathered virtual dust on my hard drive, waiting for me to write something I could plug it into. Then, a few weeks ago I was looking on Duotrope for a good place to submit a poem I’d written and I stumbled across Vine Leaves Literary Journal. Vine Leaves is unique in that they publish vignettes. You know what’s better than finding a story I could include that vignette in? Finding a publication that was willing to consider it just as it is.

I sent the vignette (which I called Memories) to Vine Leaves along with the poem. I haven’t heard back about the poem yet (keep your fingers crossed) but this morning I received an email saying that Memories had been accepted for inclusion in their October issue and would be included in their annual ‘Best of’ anthology.


ETA: They passed on the poem I sent them, but I’ve since submitted it elsewhere so your finger crossing will not be wasted 🙂

Published: Change

7 x 20 MagazineMy lycanthrope poem, Change, was reprinted by Seven by Twenty today. Yay!

Seven by Twenty is a rather interesting publication in that it’s a twitterzine. Hence the name. Seven by Twenty. 140 characters. Get it? (I didn’t get it at first, so um… yeah.) So if you’re looking for a little somethin’ to spice up your Twitter feed everyday you might want to give them a follow. While you’re there you could read my poem… and maybe give it a little RT.



What? You had to see that one coming 🙂

Sale: Sea and Sky

Tyche Books: Masked Mosaic
I am incredibly pleased to announce that the story I co-wrote with Jo (whose full name is Jonathan) has been sold to the very anthology we originally wrote it for. Sea and Sky will be included in the Masked Mosaic anthology from Tyche Books, edited by Camille Alexa and Claude Lalumière.

If you follow this blog regularly, you may be scratching your head a little bit. Back when I first blogged about this story in an entry I called  …and Then the Magic Happened I said the editors had passed on the piece and I was sending it elsewhere. They did, and I did. But then even more magic happened. They changed their mind.

Oh my God, right? That like, never happens. But it did!

Check out the table of contents here — Jo and I are on it. *Squee*

I am ridiculously excited about this sale, and this book 🙂 It’s scheduled for a February 2013 release, and I can’t wait 🙂