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About Art

I bet you’ve seen these pictures already: A combination of three documents provided by the Centre de Estudios Borjanos on August 22, 2012 shows the original version of the painting Ecce Homo (L) by 19th-century painter Elias Garcia Martinez, the … Continue reading

Control Issues

Control issues. I haz em. When you say it like a Lolcat it sounds almost cute, but they aren’t. They are a huge pain in the ass, for me and everyone else around me. I’ve been working on them for … Continue reading

Niteblade: Some Past Favourites

Niteblade is nearing our 5th anniversary, so we’re celebrating with a little blog train. Yesterday our illustrator, Marge Simon, did a blog about her love affair with Niteblade, and tomorrow our poetry editor, Alexandra Seidel will be blogging about… something. … Continue reading

Published: Lizabeth

My poem, Lizabeth, was published on The Glass Coin yesterday. You can check it out and leave a comment on their webpage: Lizabeth by Rhonda Parrish The acceptance letter for this one said “I don’t usually like rhyming poetry but…” … Continue reading

And then the magic happened…

I really wanted to submit something to the Masked Mosaics anthology. I first learned about the anthology from my friend Beth. She writes a fair bit of superhero stuff, but I’d never written a superhero story in my life. It … Continue reading

Round Up and Fanstory

I forgot to post a W1S1 update for June. In my defense July (which is when I would have posted it) was pretty crazy around here. We had two house guests (one of which was a toddler) in our very … Continue reading