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Zombie vs Zamboni

This entry concludes the Blogging from A to Z challenge! Yay! I’ll be doing a W1S1 summary post for the month of April tomorrow but after that I won’t be blogging before next week. At that point I’ll do a … Continue reading

You Asked…

Y is for questions that You Asked 😉 Last month I asked people to ask me questions that I would answer for letter Q. I’ve cheated a little bit and used them for Q is for Questions as well as … Continue reading


It’s snowing again today. Not nearly as much as in that picture I took a couple weeks ago, but enough that it’s staying on the ground and ruining my weekend yardwork plans. The weather *sigh* whatcha gonna do, right? So, … Continue reading

W is for Woman

This is my husband Jo. I call this picture of him ‘Gameface’ because when I took it we were in the lab and he was doing all sorts of science-y stuff with like test tubes and pipettes and stuff. I … Continue reading

Abbadon’s Curse

This post is about video games. I was originally going to write about the video games I play these days, but then I had a better idea. Let me tell you about a fantastic video game that was never made. … Continue reading

Sale: Crimes Against Humanity

I’m incredibly pleased to announce that I’ve sold my short story “Crimes Against Humanity” to The WiFiles. “Crimes Against Humanity” is scheduled to be their very first story of 2013 and go live on January 6, 2013. The Publishing Editor, … Continue reading


Ugh rather succinctly sums up how I’m feeling today, and so it’s my U word. I feel like I’m coming down with something so I’m going to try and take it easy today, but my to-do list is pretty big … Continue reading


While I was struggling to figure out what I was going to write about for today (it’s T day on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge) I was saved by Kern Windwraith when she tagged me for the Lucky … Continue reading

Shades of Green

S was going to be all about the stories I’ve written that were set in Aphanasia and started with the letter S (Shades of Green, Sister Margaret and Shadows) but I’m tired. This month of blogging thing is a lot … Continue reading

Winding Path

The first annual NaNoLJers anthology is done, and doesn’t it look pretty? NaNoLJers is a livejournal community run by Amber Stults (as of December 2011) which I founded in 2005.I created it selfishly, so that I’d have a group of … Continue reading

Rejection Rebooted

A couple years ago I wrote a post on Rejection that I thought was pretty good. Today I want to talk about rejection again, and because I’m lazy I am going to do that by rebooting my original post. So, … Continue reading