Monthly Archives: March 2012

Lull Before the Storm…

I don’t usually blog on the weekend. Hell, I don’t usually work on weekends period, but I’m making an exception today because today is the last day of sanity before the crazy that is going to be my April hits. … Continue reading

Sale: Waste Not

The contract has been received and agreed to, so I feel secure in announcing that my story “Waste Not” has been sold to Stupefying Stories and will appear in one of their future issues. Yay! Personally, I’ve got my fingers … Continue reading

Month of Letters

I participated in the Month of Letters this year. The idea was that every day in the month of February I would send something out to someone via snail mail. I know, you’re probably looking at the date at the … Continue reading

My Thoughts…

For the past couple years I have made a very concerted effort to keep my politics and personal beliefs far away from this blog. It hasn’t been easy, I’m a pretty opinionated woman and I don’t excel at biting my … Continue reading

Guest Bloggers

I mentioned a while back that I was going to try and have more guests on my blog, and I am, but so far I haven’t actually gotten around to organising that in any sort of proactive way. This post … Continue reading

New Plan

Yesterday I blogged about my quilt, the one my mother made me when I was teeny tiny. By the time I’d finished that blog entry I had pretty much talked myself out of getting rid of the quilt but if … Continue reading

A Little Story…

I want to tell you a little story. See this? This is my quilt. It’s also my cat –> That’s Eowyn. You’ve met her before, but this story isn’t about her, she just happened to be on the bed and … Continue reading

Niteblade: Lycanthropist

Okay, so normally I wouldn’t post an image file that was quite this big, but hot damn, is that gorgeous or is that gorgeous? That’s the cover for the March issue of Niteblade, Lycanthropist, and I love it. The cover … Continue reading