Monthly Archives: February 2012

Um… Questions Please?

Um… can you do me a favour? You may recall I mentioned that I’d signed up for the Blogging from A to Z challenge that takes place this April. Because I know I’m going to be busier in April than … Continue reading

Bad Poetry

I find myself writing a lot of bad poetry these days. I’m doing it on purpose though, so that makes it okay, right? Several times this month I’ve taken the notebook I write poetry in and settled into my favourite … Continue reading

Challenges (and progress)

I’ve signed up to do the Blogging from A to Z challenge in April. This may be further proof that I’m freaking crazy as I’m also planning to do the April Poem-A-Day challenge, but… well, there you go. If you’re … Continue reading

…I did blog

*insert sheepish look here* I DID blog this week. Just a couple minutes ago in fact. Unfortunately it turned into a total World of Warcraft rant that just wasn’t appropriate for this blog. The short version is that I don’t … Continue reading

You’re Killing Me!

I love my raid team. Well, most of them. The thing is, the couple I don’t like? Well, they may actually be killing me. Let me backup a little bit. I have high blood pressure. Like, pretty freaking high. I’m … Continue reading