Monthly Archives: December 2011

Goals… Accomplished and Not So Much…

Well, I’m getting better at the whole goal-setting and achieving thing, but I’m still far from l33t at it 🙂 Last year when I looked back at the goals I’d had for 2010 I’d only managed to accomplish a quarter … Continue reading


Truth is the slipperiest creature I know. I just wrote a long(ish) blog entry, complete with pictures and nostalgia, about my favourite ever Christmas present. Then I deleted it. It’s so tricky when you write about real things, about real … Continue reading


So far this month has been cruel to me. It really has. I have a fantastic story idea I really, really want to develop (It’s working title is CONSEQUENCE, though I fully expect to change that someday) but have I … Continue reading

Consequence, Alberta

Consequence, Alberta. Don’t look for it on a map, it doesn’t exist except in my imagination. Yet. By the time you read this* I should actually have started writing about it. Consequence is the name of the town I’m setting … Continue reading

Focus. I needs it. Also, Shadows.

Mmk, I screwed up. I put off doing this blog entry for too long and now my kiddo is home and I’m trying to focus enough to write it. That is not an easy task. She loves singing random songs … Continue reading