Givin’ it Away

I seem to be seeing a disproportionately high number blog posts about book piracy these days. For example, and just off the top of my head, there’s Jim C. Hines, Tobias Buckell and Tom Hansen. Those three blog posts all relate to one another quite directly so you’ll understand why one prompts me to think of the other, however, after reading all three of them the thought which was foremost in my mind was ‘Man, with so many people stealing books you’d think they’d be easier to give away’. This says something about my self-interested little soul, but bare with me.

If you’re reading this blog you’re probably aware that I’ve been serializing a novella on it called Lost and Found. That is, I’ve been giving it away a chapter at a time. It’s been a lot of work. In fact, to do it really well I’d need a lot more time than I actually have, but I’ve been making a valiant effort.

On paper things look pretty good for it. Carrie Jones, a NYT bestselling author who writes in a similar genre gave me a glowing blurb that made my millenia:

“Rhonda Parrish’s descriptive and action-packed prose grabs you by the hands and doesn’t let go. This is the kind of story that’s so good you clutch right back because you don’t ever want it to end.”

The reviews, when I could get them, have been positive.

I commissioned a freaking fantastic artist to make a killer cover for me. No stock images for this novella.

Bill Ratner, a well-known voice over artist, liked it enough to create a podcast version of it for me.

It’s difficult to judge exactly how many people have been stopping by to read the story; relying on comments is foolish in the extreme, my webstats are not the best and this blog is mirrored to Livejournal, but I know enough to know that interest has not been what I’d hoped.

There are good reasons for why I haven’t been overwhelmed.

  • People like their stories all at once, not doled out a chapter at a time, and I’m not offering Lost and Found as a .pdf (yet).
  • Reviews are tough to come by because this story hasn’t been through an independant editorial process (and who can blame them? Let’s face it, folks, most self-pubbed stuff is crap).
  • I haven’t got hours to dedicate to driving people to this blog to read it, and I’m not fantastic at it in the time I do have (I hate over-plugging my work so tend to err on the side of infrequency).

Still, when I read about piracy I can’t help but wish the people stealing those books would instead just pop over here and read the one I’m offering for free.

I know it’s not the same, not really, but you can’t blame me for the thought.

By the way, if you’re here reading this — have you checked out Lost and Found yet?


Can’t blame a girl for trying 😉

2011 Goals

I don’t usually do the New Year’s Resolution thing. It’s mostly just to be contrary, I think, which seems to be a recurring theme in my life LOL In fact, when Jo and I decided to quit smoking we did it on December 30th so that it wouldn’t be considered a New Year’s Resolution (because yes, in our brains doing it on -not- Dec. 31st or Jan. 1st did that :-p). Still, loads of people around me are making writing resolutions and setting specific goals, and I thought, well, goals aren’t a bad plan. You don’t shoot a gun without aiming, right? So, this is me, taking aim.

This year my writing goals are:

  • Revise the current draft of TWIXT
  • Finish writing the current ‘new first draft’ of SHADOWS
  • Get a polished manuscript for my zombie poetry chapbook ready and begin looking for a home for it
  • Write the poetry project with Danica she and I planned

Those are all goals that I have control over. I think these are attainable and concrete enough to be motivating. I guess we’ll see in about a year 😉