2011 Goals

I don’t usually do the New Year’s Resolution thing. It’s mostly just to be contrary, I think, which seems to be a recurring theme in my life LOL In fact, when Jo and I decided to quit smoking we did it on December 30th so that it wouldn’t be considered a New Year’s Resolution (because yes, in our brains doing it on -not- Dec. 31st or Jan. 1st did that :-p). Still, loads of people around me are making writing resolutions and setting specific goals, and I thought, well, goals aren’t a bad plan. You don’t shoot a gun without aiming, right? So, this is me, taking aim.

This year my writing goals are:

  • Revise the current draft of TWIXT
  • Finish writing the current ‘new first draft’ of SHADOWS
  • Get a polished manuscript for my zombie poetry chapbook ready and begin looking for a home for it
  • Write the poetry project with Danica she and I planned

Those are all goals that I have control over. I think these are attainable and concrete enough to be motivating. I guess we’ll see in about a year 😉

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