Monthly Archives: October 2010

NaNoWriMo Goals

Dude, where’s October gone? It’s NaNoWriMo eve, and while I can’t get super hyped or whatever about it anymore, I’m doing it again this year, and that means I needed to set some goals. One of the best ways I … Continue reading

Zombies and Swamps

You know, I’m still not happy to be unemployed, but I am beginning to feel like my life is more under control than it has been. For the longest time I’ve been doing too much and trying desperately to try … Continue reading

Brains are Funny Things…

Despite the fact I’ve started sharing Lost and Found on this blog, it isn’t quite finished. I’ve been going over it chapter by chapter and cleaning it up, polishing it and making it as good as I can. Midway through … Continue reading

Happy Birthday! Now with cookies!

Today is Danica’s birthday. It’s not just any birthday though, today my little girl turns thirteen. Thriteen. Wow. So now I’m officially the mother of a teenager. And not just any teenager, a freaking awesome one. For those of you … Continue reading