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This post is kinda depressing, so I’ve decided to lighten it up with a couple cheery pictures I took of chubby little birds. Yay birds! My ‘day job’ is writing advertising copy and descriptions. I often joke that my job … Continue reading


An important part of writing is being alive, and one way to extend my life (and increase the quality of it) is regular exercise. I am not a sporty person, I don’t like taking walks for the sake of the … Continue reading


I’m sick. I don’t do sick well, I turn into a whiny, sniffly, self-pitying mess. Good times! So I spent most of yesterday doing those things, which is why I didn’t get a blog entry done. Today I’m feeling slightly … Continue reading

Lost and Found Page

It has been a pretty long day, and I’m exhausted. In fact, I’m just about to go and enjoy some well-earned video game time, but before I do I have something I’m pretty pleased with I’d like to share. LOST … Continue reading


I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I spent most of it sleeping to try and head off whatever I was coming down with. It worked, I feel much better today, but I really couldn’t afford the time off. I was … Continue reading

The Line…

Borrowing real life cultures for fiction is something I’ve been thinking about a lot of late, and the book I’m currently reading has just slammed me in the head with what I don’t want to do. Let me explain a … Continue reading


I did a collaborative project recently over on the 2xCreative community on LiveJournal (incidentally, if you use LJ and we aren’t friends there… you know how this ends right? –> Moi On LJ). I was paired up with Dragon-Gypsy who … Continue reading