Monthly Archives: August 2010

We Have A Winner!

So, I consulted the random number generator and it chose a winner from the subscribers of my mailing list. It did, and I’m pleased to announce the Patricia W. will receive a free copy of Shades of Green just as … Continue reading

Workin’ Magic…

There’s a brand new review of Shades of Green out, and the reviewer loved it. Universe? This is how I’d like to start all my Mondays, if you don’t mind. Clayton Bye reviewed Shades of Green for and said … Continue reading

Pub Changes

It occured to me that there have been some publication changes recently which I’ve never blogged about. I’m going to do that now, and offer up some of my thoughts about them at the same time. One relatively big change … Continue reading

Slow and Steady

Last weekend was spent at my parent’s in southern Alberta. It’s often rather tricky to find something for all of us to do and enjoy, but my mom hit on a wonderful idea when she suggested we go to the … Continue reading

What Photos Have Taught Me…

This weekend we went to Fort Edmonton Park. We arrived on Saturday, stayed the night at the hotel there and then left on Sunday. A large motivation for the trip was just to have fun at the park as a … Continue reading


Ever submit your work somewhere and then weeks later look at their website and go ‘What on earth was I thinking?’ <.< >.> Yeah…me either. However, if I -had- it would certainly make me aware of the effect a bad … Continue reading

Lost and Found Delay

I hate missing deadlines, but I’m going bump the release of Lost and Found back a little bit. Not long, possibly November (it can be your NaNo reading!) but I’m hoping for October. The re-writes are going a little slower … Continue reading