Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Difference Two Weeks Can Make…

When Danica left here two weeks ago to enjoy a vacation at her grandparents without Jo or I she looked like this: When she returned today, she looked like this: I very nearly didn’t recognise her. Don’t judge me 🙂 … Continue reading

Um…Delayed Newsletters and stuff…

I’m on vacation. I’m actually doing some work while I’m on vacation, but not a whole lot. Nope, not a lot at all. I did find an old story in one of my notebooks that I’d started and stopped a … Continue reading

1k Words For the Day: Secret Path

Took this picture on the campus of Berkley University in 2009.

1k Words For the Day: Summertime at the Leg

It’s the Alberta Legislature. I love that place, and I’m pretty fond of this picture of it too 🙂 I took this in 2009.


I went to the Whittaker website today to see how I’d done overall and blog about it (my goals were not result-based) and discovered it isn’t over. Wow. Oops? Somehow I thought the last round was the final one, but … Continue reading

1k Words For the Day: Golden Gate Bridge

I took this picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in 2009. I like it very much, though if we get back to San Francisco I intend to retake this shot with a polarizing filter on my lens to darken up … Continue reading

1k Words For the Day: Daisies

These daisies grow in a little flowerbed in my front yard. I snapped this shot of them in the summer of 2009. Pretty.