Monthly Archives: June 2010

School’s Out!

I’m supposed to write a blog today. It’s something I told myself I would do. I even, at one point, had a little list of possible topics. Unfortunately I’ve lost my list and my mind is totally drawing a blank. … Continue reading

1k Words For the Day: Picnic Spot

I took this picture at the Alberta Legislature Grounds in August 2009 from the spot Jo, Danica and I were enjoying a picnic lunch.

1k Words For the Day: Indianna

Our cats love to hang out in the back porch window. This is Indianna doing just that. I believe I took this in the summer of 2009.

Strawberry Creek Retreat

So, I just got back from a writing retreat at the Strawberry Creek Lodge. It was an interesting expirience, one I’m still processing. I’m not sure what the take home message is yet. I think it will either be ‘I … Continue reading

1k Words For the Day: Blooming Tea

I think this is my first successful use of HDR photography. I took this picture to use in a project Jo and I working on together and I’m remarkably fond of it. Partly because I learned a lot in creating … Continue reading

1k Words For the Day: Capital X

1k Words for the Day: Foliage

As you read this I am either at, or on my way to, Strawberry Creek Retreat. I’m going to see what kind of progress I can make on a new first draft of Shadows. Happily WordPress will let me plan … Continue reading

Sekkrit Projekt

So that’s it. That is the secret I’ve been very nearly bouncing in my seat about for the past little while. Lost and Found. First take a moment to admire that freaking awesome cover. Isn’t that fantastic? I commissioned that … Continue reading

1k Words For the Day: Sunlight and Bloom

I took this at the Alberta Legislature grounds in August 2009.

1k Words For the Day: Winter Dani

Danica walked in the door from school one afternoon this winter and just the way she looked inspired me to be all like ‘Wait! Stop, let me grab my camera!’ Happily she was willing to humour me 🙂

Early Newsletter?

I’m not going to have a long, interesting blog today because in preparation for my writing retreat next week I’m actually working on my newsletter today. Early. What’s up with that? LoL As promised I will be revealing the news … Continue reading