Monthly Archives: May 2010

1k Words For the Day: Pigeon

I love this guy. I took this picture in San Francisco 2009. We were resting in the grass enjoying some soft pretzels at Pier 39. All the birds were very bold there, but this guy’s attitude especially makes me smile.

1k Words For the Day: Black Eyed Susan

I took this picture at the Legislative grounds in August 2009. I really love the colors more than anything, I think.

Coyote Con

Just a super quick note to remind anyone who is interested that I’ll be be on the ‘Zine Evolution panel with JA Howe, Karen Newman, Megan Arkenberg and John Klima at Coyote Con tomorrow at 5pm EST. It should be … Continue reading

Strawberry Creek Retreat

First of all, I sold another zombie poem the other day. It will be on Everyday Weirdness June 3rd Yay! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you likely know I’ve been going through a bit of Con withdrawal. … Continue reading

New Self Portrait

I actually spend a lot of time dodging cameras, but it was raining like crazy the other day so I was taking some pictures through my rain-streaked back door and thought I’d see if I couldn’t take a self-portrait I … Continue reading

First Time Meeting

Last week I blogged a little bit about my critique group, and some of the comments were quite thought provoking. One thing I was reminded of was the very first time I met with my critique group. I’d discovered the … Continue reading

1k Words For the Day: Tim

I took this shot sometime in 2009. that is not my cat, he’s my neighbour’s and his name is Tim. Tim is extremely friendly and I adore him, as does my family and pretty much our entire neighbourhood I think. … Continue reading

1k Words For the Day: Curiousity

I took this shot of Danica in our backyard May 2009. I remain quite fond of it.

Critique Groups

Writing, as anyone who writes will tell you, is a solitary occupation (I find myself having a difficult time resisting making a ‘people who live in your mind’ joke here, so I’ll just confess that and keep going). Like any … Continue reading

1k Words For the Day: Crabapple Blooms

I’m going to start posting some of my photos on this blog. My way-too-overthought plan is to post psuedo-random pics from my collection on Mondays and Fridays and then post something current on Wednesdays. I’m going to use the scheduled … Continue reading


A lot of people around me are talking about rejection these days. When you consider that I tend to surround myself with writers that should come as no surprise. However, more people than usual are talking about rejection, so now … Continue reading