Monthly Archives: April 2010

Book Ratings Are Tricky Things

Book ratings are tricky things. I think the thing which contributes the most to their trickiness is time. How much I (or you, I’m betting) enjoy a particular book has a lot to do with when I read it. How … Continue reading

Coyote Con

Coyote Con is a virtual convention run by Drollerie Press. It will take place over the month of May and in addition to the usual con fare there is also a MayWriMo challenge which is quite a bit like NaNoLJers … Continue reading

Don’t Look Now…

You know my ‘if I go and start writing maybe a plot will just magically appear’ plan? Don’t look now, but it may have worked. I didn’t get any writing time yet today, but I think I can sneak some … Continue reading

I took this picture last night from my back porch. I’m quite fond of it so I thought I’d share. Now I need to go write something for Round 4 of the Whittaker Prize. I have a character and um…a … Continue reading

April Newsletter

I’m sitting here listening to Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley (who make up Evelyn Evelyn) perform even though they are separated by an ocean courtesy of the giant ash cloud. It’s remarkable what technology makes possible, isn’t it? Someday perhaps … Continue reading