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Short Term Writing Goals

Writing goals. I need ’em. Without them I write but not in any sort of organized or consistent way. In April I am doing the poem-a-day challenge from Poetic Asides. I don’t think I’ll be entering the contest, but I … Continue reading

Coffee Time Romance Review

The lovely Lototy from Coffee Time Romance reviewed Shades of Green today. She gave it 3 coffee cups out of five. She articulates the issues she has with the story, the ending especially I think, but also has some nice … Continue reading

Bad Rhonda


For people who are subscribed to my newsletter this update post will have some news that you’ve read already. Bare with me (or is it bear with me?) though, there will be some stuff you’ve not read before too 🙂 … Continue reading

Reviews and Ramblings

March is a crazy month around here. It really is and it always has been. My birthday and two of my siblings birthdays are all in March. Now that I’m a grown up (in theory anyway) it’s still frenetic. Jo’s … Continue reading

A Reader Reacts…

Do you read Jay Lake‘s blogs? Twitter? You know how he says ‘A reader reacts to BOOK TITLE (they liked/didn’t like it)’? Well, if you’ll forgive my being a total copycat: A reader reacts to Shades of Green (He liked … Continue reading


I’m feeling intimidated by the novel I’m working on. It’s sad but true. The novel in question is currently titled ‘See The Sky Again’ and so far its got an interesting ‘life story’. I started writing it as a NaNo … Continue reading